Avatar 3 movie trailer 2019

Avatar is one of the biggest projects by James Cameron, the legendary director. He’s been working on it for almost 2 decades, and even though the original movie has been out for 8 years now, the franchise is about to get bigger and better. True, even chapter two isn’t out yet, but the production company has already announced the exact release dates for all four sequels. That’s right – we’ll get to see Avatar 5 in 2025!

And judging by the breath-taking Avatar 3 movie trailer 2019, we can say with certainty that Cameron’s hard work hasn’t been in vain. Fact: initially, he was kinda hesitant about this whole epic franchise thing, but now that he’s announced a huge line-up of movies coming out in 2020/21/24/25, there’s no doubt that we’re all in for a pretty great treat.

Bringing The Original Crew Back

Alright, so, when exactly is chapter three hitting the theaters? It’s coming to the United States on December 17, 2021. Same goes for Canada and the UK. Everything is set and done – there’s no going back from this date. The story will follow the confrontation between the peaceful Pandorians and the aggressive humans that want to conquer the beautiful planet and steal all of its resources.

Avatar 3 poster

An epic fight is coming, and there will be more bloodshed than during the first encounter. By the way, Quaritch, the biggest villain of the first movie, will return in all 4 upcoming Avatar movies, becoming the ultimate bad guy in this universe. We’ll get to see him in the Avatar 3 teaser trailer, and he’ll look even meaner this time around.

Something Truly Grandiose Is Coming

Yes, he did get shot with a couple of arrows in the beginning, but, as it seems, he’s still alive and kicking. Cameron stated more than once that he wants to put the same characters through new challenges while introducing them to new friends, foes, and everything else in between. Sources claim that the screenwriters will put his mind into the body of an Avatar, giving him extra powers.

As for the decision to shoot sequels one after the other, the famed director said that he was inspired by Peter Jackson and his working ethics. That’s pretty much all we know at this point. Worthington, Saldana, and, of course, Lang (the man who plays the big-bag villain) will be featured in all the chapters, which will allow us – the audience – to get to follow their path from the beginning to the very end. The new Avatar 3 official trailer 2019 is made in quite a dark and sullen mood, proving the rumors that the story will take the heroes through Hell and back.

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