Bad Boys for Life movie trailer 2018

It is American comedy thriller directed by Joe Carnahan, the continuation of the films “Bad Boys” and “Bad Boys 2.” The main characters of the movie “Bad Boys for Life” are detectives Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowry investigating drug-related crimes regularly get into various comical situations. In the topic below, you will find information about cast, crew, production, and also Bad Boys for Life movie trailer 2018. Here we go!


Rumors about the return of the franchise began in 2009. On Conan O’Brien’s show, actor Martin Lawrence confirmed rumors and said that the film is currently in development: “I believe that we will film the sequel. Yesterday I spoke on this subject with Jerry Bruckheimer. He assured that this is not just rumors. They are very successful in working on the script.”

Initially, the movie “Bad boys 3” was supposed to come out on June 1, 2017, but in August 2016 it became known that the release date was postponed to 2018, this was confirmed by Sony Pictures studio.

The director of the film is Joe Carnahan, known for the films “The A-Team” and “The Grey.” David Guggenheim, who previously worked on the films “Stolen” and “Safe House,” and George Gallo, who wrote the script for the previous parts of the franchise, took up the script.

Bad Boys for Life movie


Columbia Pictures releases the movie Bad Boys for Life, which, like the first two parts, is full of chase, shootings, and humor. Mark also remains a good family man, and Michael is a rowdy and a bully.

According to Bad Boys for Life teaser trailer, the main characters of the film “Bad boys 3” – Marcus Burnett (M. Lawrence) and Mike Lowry (W. Smith) – detectives of the department to combat drug trafficking. They have already solved two very large cases related to the illegal distribution of drugs. Ahead of the main characters is waiting for even more interesting cases related not only to the illegal distribution of illegal drugs.

In every case, they are expected to have many adventures and more humor and comical situations.

Release date

The release of the movie is scheduled for November 9, 2018, in the USA.

In the UK, the movie will come out on the same date.

We hope that new film will be spectacular as new Bad Boys for Life official trailer 2018.

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