Battle of the Sexes movie trailer 2017

Only Emma Stone received the “Oscar” for La La Land, a new film looms on the horizon. A difficult role, apparently, is no less worthy of the highest professional award. This time, the actress will reincarnate in American tennis player Billy Jean King, the Wimbledon record holder and the heroine of the legendary match, which people called the “Battle of the Sexes.” Dance shoes Stone changed to tennis to fight on the court with another mastodon of tennis – Bobby Riggs performed by Steve Carell.

The network already has the Battle of the Sexes movie trailer 2017 – a film is directed by J. Dayton and V. Faris, a couple who shot “Little Miss Happiness.” The tape will tell about the real tennis match in 1973, when Riggs challenged an ambitious King to the match, fighting for the equality of rights of players of both sexes, including the size of the prize fund. At first, the 29-year-old King rejected all the proposals of the 55-year-old Riggs, not wanting to play with an open sexist. After losing the match to the first racket of the world – Margaret Smith Court, for King, there was nothing else than to prove to the whole world that men do not have the right to make a laughingstock out of women.

Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes teaser trailer is not available.

Despite the fact that the match was a just publicity stunt and an excellent source of earnings, King took everything very seriously. As the tennis player later admitted in an interview, she was sure that her loss would have thrown the women’s sport 50 years ago, and women’s tournaments would have ceased to exist at all. The directors Dayton and Faris filmed the “Battle of the Sexes” as a comedy.

It will be shown in the film, the romance between King and her referent Marilyn Barnett – during the competition, the tennis player hid her relationships. The legendary story in the movie promises to be no less impressive, because Simon Beaufoy, who received an Oscar for his work in the film “Slumdog Millionaire,” was responsible for the script for the film.

The new Battle of the Sexes official trailer 2017 looks promising. We hope that the movie will be the same.

How E. Stone will fight for the rights of women in sports, we will see on September 22, 2017, when the film will be released.

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