Blade Runner 2049 movie trailer 2017


This is an upcoming sci-fi film, the official sequel to the 1982 classic and one of the most anticipated releases of the year. Mr. Villeneuve, the man behind this new project, is doing everything in his power to live up to the wild expectations, and, judging by the Blade Runner 2049 movie trailer 2017, it seems like the man is about to turn into one of the most favored figures in the industry! So, what could we gather from the trailer? First of all, it’s insanely stylish, and, as far as the genre goes, this is the neo-noir setting that we all have been waiting for. Those perfect angles, the sterile-clean offices, and the whole neon atmosphere are simply marvelous, and we can’t wait to check the movie out on October 6 (that’s when it will become available).

What Can We Expect From The New Movie?

It’s been 3 decades after the shocking events of the original movie, and Officer K, a capable, free-spirited man, portrayed by Gosling, stumbles across a terrifying secret that has the capacity of destroying the shabby society that is barely getting by in the harsh and unforgiving reality. His search for answers takes the fella to Deckard, an ex-police officer, also a runner, who’s been under the radar for 30 years straight. Now, in the Blade Runner 2049 teaser trailer that was released last year, we saw K meet the legendary hero, and that was pretty much it. Thankfully, in May 2017, we finally got the full-length trailer that set the record straight: the two officers – the young, cocky, do-first-think-later K and the hard-boiled, experienced and tired Deckard (portrayed by the masculine Ford, of course), are teaming up to confront the wrongdoers and save the world from absolute chaos.

Blade Runner 2049 movie

Is Blade Runner Truly Back?

Mr. Scott is the producer of the movie, and every single member of the crew is a big fan of the Blade Runner universe – you can tell that by the attention to details and the amount of work that was put into this trailer. Now, while the teaser was just a “warm-up” to get us hyped up, the new Blade Runner 2049 official trailer 2017 that was released recently got us all really excited and cheering for Villeneuve. In the 21st century, when all the awesome ideas are pretty much over, the industry is heavily focused on remakes. With that said, this movie is a stand-out cut, even though it is a sequel to a blockbuster that came out in 1982.

Not Just Two Actors To See

As for the cast, aside from the talented Gosling and Ford, we’ll also get to enjoy on-screen performances by Jared Leto (he’s the biggest villain) and the lovely Ana de Armas (an incredibly sexy actress from Cuba who took our breath away with the exceptional performance in Knock Knock). Yep, the talent involved with this film is truly epic, and it goes without saying that there will be enough “eye candy” for all sexes, ages, and nationalities. At the end of the day, this is a must-see film, even if you’re not big on science fiction. Let’s hope the creators keep their promise and deliver an awesome movie!

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