Cult of Chucky movie trailer 2017

Believe it or not, the Child’s Play series has been around for a while and includes seven movies. The fans of eerie supernatural slashers praise it for always being suspenseful and fun. Chucky, the creepy and possessed doll, is back to hurt even more humans, and, judging by the fan-made Cult of Chucky movie trailer 2017, we can expect the same old mix of horror and thrill. Now, this horrendous doll has been around for more than 3 decades, and it had enough time to master its killing skills. Nica, his main victim, has been spending her time in a mental hospital for the last 4 years. They locked the girl up after her loved ones were found dead. She had nothing to do with it, but nobody believed that a doll could’ve throttled all of them. One day, her doc gives her a doll that’s supposed to help her heal.

Cult of Chucky

Same Old Creepy Doll

Soon after that, people in the institution start to go missing and die, which makes the young woman think that it has everything to do with Chucky, the doll that stood behind every single crime they condemned her for. At the same time, Andy, the psycho’s very first victim, and his biggest enemy, finds a way to help Nica. Will they manage to outsmart the maniac before every single person they love dies? Unfortunately, the production team hasn’t even released a Cult of Chucky teaser trailer, but, in all fairness, it most certainly wouldn’t have been something we haven’t seen before: for a franchise that’s been conquering the hearts and minds of several generations, it’s kinda hard to come up with something truly new and exciting.

Fans Of Horrors, Rejoice!

The audience that appreciates the genre and Mancini’s original touch, will find the new Chucky as exciting as all the previous chapters. As for the regular viewers, they might not even know that it’s set to be released this year. But, if Universal rolls out an awesome new Cult of Chucky official trailer 2017, it might just turn into the most anticipated horror movie. The story, the characters, and the atmosphere are there. All that’s left to do is make an awesome film!

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