Death Wish movie trailer 2017

Death Wish” is upcoming thriller directed by Eli Roth. It is a remake of the movie by Michael Winner 1974. The original picture is based on the novel by B. Garfield. Death Wish movie trailer 2017 is not available.

Е. Roth is known to the viewer for the films “Hostel,” “Knock Knock,” and “The Green Inferno.” He took the “Death Wish” after Israeli filmmakers A. Keshales and N. Papushado refused to film it. The script was written by S. Alexander and L. Karaszewski.


Rampage crime does not bother the successful architect until the brutal massacre occurs in his family when the thirst for death becomes the main instinct of an intelligent man yesterday. In the meantime, a man adapts himself to the requirements of clients, cares about his wife, spoils his daughter. The usual small worries turn the newscasts about the frightening incidents into information, detached from the reality. The family is convinced that such excesses – skirmishes with bandits or extortionists – they will not see in real life. Once Paul – the head of the family – realizes how much he was wrong about his invulnerability. Attacking scumbags destroys the family. The raped wife refuses to live, mourning her daughter. The mutilated body of the beloved becomes an eternal nightmare, pursuing the inconsolable parent. Bitter events radically change the attitude to the arbitrariness, organized by the mafia in the streets of New York.

Death Wish

The authorities are trying to divert the talented specialist with intriguing projects but all in vain. One of the rich customers, in his own way, has compassion for the genius of architecture. The millionaire gives a gun to Paul in gratitude. The important event quickly helps the seeker of retribution to navigate with further actions. Will the main hero find all the bad boys and kill them? All these and more, you will know after release of the film.

Death Wish teaser trailer is not publicly available.


  • B. Willis is protagonist of the movie. In the original version of the film, Charles Bronson was protagonist.
  • V. D’Onofrio as Frank Kersey
  • E.Shue as Lucy Kersey
  • J. Kesy as The Fish
  • D. Norris as Detective Rains
  • B. Knapp as Knox
  • K. B. Blanton as Bethany

We hope that new Death Wish official trailer 2017 will come out as soon as possible.

The release of the movie is planned for November 22, 2017, in the USA.

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