Downsizing movie trailer 2017

The production process of the upcoming movie started in 2004 when it was decided to write a script to the new project whilst a few ones were also on the production list. The film should have been released in 2005 after the director’s movie “Sideways”. However, it took the screenwriters almost three years to successfully finish the storyline of the movie that is finally scheduled to be released in 2017, after Downsizing movie trailer 2017 appeared on the Internet. The reason why the upcoming drama was delayed is that the whole project was replaced by the production of two different movies. In 2015 Paramount Pictures successfully obtained the distribution rights.

The principal photography of the upcoming American project that unites a few different genres – science fiction, drama and even comedy – successfully started at the beginning of April 2016 in Canada. Afterward, it also took place in such places as Los Angeles and local sights in Norway. When it comes to the official date when the movie actually comes out, production companies already made their announcements – Downsizing is scheduled to be released at the very end of December in 2017 in all theaters and cinemas all over the United States. Paramount Pictures also released Downsizing teaser trailer which clearly represents the storyline of the project.

Downsizing movie


According to the short details of the upcoming science fiction film, it represents the story of a man and woman being a family for many years. Suddenly, they both decide their own lives have no sense, as well as the whole existence in this world. As a result, they make a decision to shrink down by themselves as the man works as a therapist so that he is aware of the procedure. But at the last minute, the woman suddenly changes her mind about the situation which is not very good for her husband as he should save the planet all alone.

Interesting facts

When the new Downsizing official trailer 2017 was finally out, some movie websites also released the list of interesting facts about the upcoming Paramount Pictures movie. So here are some of them:

  • this is the first English-language film for Swedish actor Rolf Lassgard;
  • main actors – Matt Damon and Alec Baldwin – have previously worked on two films of 2006;
  • reese Witherspoon should have had the lead role in the project but had been replaced right before filming;
  • Meryl Streep should have appeared in the movie.
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