Equalizer 2 movie trailer 2018

The Sony film company, through the well-known American weekly Variety, which highlights the business news, recently assured Denzel Washington’s fans that work on the “Equalizer 2” is in full swing and the premiere is scheduled for the autumn of 2018. In the topic below, you will find detailed information on the movie and also Equalizer 2 movie trailer 2018.

Creators and cast

It is well known that the director of the second part is Antoine Fuqua. He is known for his work on such successful film projects as “King Arthur” (2004) and “Training Day” (2001). Denzel Washington immediately agreed to the shooting in the continuation of the franchise. About the other actors who will be involved in the sequel, there is no information, and the fans of the film cannot be sure that the charming Chloe Grace Moretz (played the role of Teri in the first part) will play in the sequel.

Producer Todd Black in an interview with Collider said:

“The script of the sequel is ready. We will start filming right after Labor Day, maybe a little earlier, it all depends on Denzel’s schedule. In general, before September 2017, production is unlikely to begin. We still have some work to do, in particular, choose the main antagonist.”

The scriptwriter is again Richard Wenk.

The Equalizer 2 movie


According to the first part, Robert McCall is an American Special Forces commander, who decides to quit his job, forget everything and start a new life. However, by chance, he saves the girl from a criminal. Moreover, he falls in love with her, but after a brave act gets involved in big trouble. Since that moment, the Russian mafia has opened the real hunt for McCall, and the CIA, taking the criminal side, is on the trail of the hero.

According to Equalizer 2 teaser trailer, the upcoming film will be a direct continuation of the first part of the same name about the special commander McCall. The protagonist is trying to break with the past and start a quiet life, but getting acquainted with a charming girl makes him change his plans since from that moment his life turns over. Standing up for the beauty, Robert returns again.

Release date

The movie is scheduled for release in on 14 September 2018, in the United States.

We hope that the picture will be good and great as new Equalizer 2 official trailer 2018.

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