Geostorm movie trailer 2017

It was always so cringing and breath-taking to watch the films about global natural disasters. Such projects make people think about their near future and what can possibly happen if they continue making the computer robots work and do literally everything instead of them. One day, the technology that controls the weather all over the planet, controls the whole world, will take the world by the storm. The producers of Independence Day has already successfully represented Geostorm movie trailer 2017 which contains the images of global weather disaster.

A new point of view on global problem – what does the new plot bring us?

According to the plot, the main character is trying so hard to save the world after a sudden disaster that has taken the lives of millions of people from the different corners of the planet. He is a satellite designer who believes he can stop world’s enormous geostorm that is believed to be caused by the satellites that take the climate under the control.


Moreover, this is a story about people living in the near future when all that satellites in the space around the atmosphere of Earth suddenly release small pods that will cause the natural disaster. Afterward, a man is sent to the space to be able to prevent the constructions from programming that pods as they are the reason of creating dangerous geostorm.

What Geostorm teaser trailer also showed was a big number of thunderstorms, tsunamis, tornadoes, as well as polar vortices. All these dangerous things happen all over the world so that is very difficult to find the safe place where the main character can make a plan and free the planet from the global disaster that has never happened before.

The cast of the upcoming movie, that is actually scheduled to be released at the end of October 2017, includes such actors and actresses as:

  • Gerard Butler who plays Jake;
  • Abbie Cornish as Sarah Wilson;
  • Andy Garcia;
  • Daniel Wu;
  • Alexandra Lara who represents the crush of the main character Jake;
  • Ed Harris and others.

Before brand new Geostorm official trailer 2017 was released, there had been huge preparations for pre-production, as well as principal photography. When it comes to the second one, it successfully started on October 20 in 2014 and continued till the beginning of February in following year. NASA scenes were filmed separately at NASA Facility which is located in New Orleans.

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