Hotel Transylvania 3 movie trailer 2018

2018 will become the year of the most expected movie releases. Even more, we will be able to see the sequels of favorite franchises, including brand new animated comedy film about the life of vampires. As it can be seen from Hotel Transylvania 3 movie trailer 2018 director of the upcoming project Tartakovsky made a decision to bring the old actors and actresses back and also add some brand new according to the plot of the film.

This animated fantasy movie was distributed by Colombia Pictures – the company that has successfully distributed and produced two previous movies from the whole franchise. Moreover, Tartakovsky directed separate short film that is based on the main franchise – the animated project is known as “Puppy!” and features some characters from the second sequel. In fact, this mini cartoon will be released in 2017 alongside another highly expected animated project.


Before the producers released new Hotel Transylvania 3 teaser trailer, they had been working on this project since the end of 2015. The talks about potential creating the third part of the franchise started right after the huge success of the second one that was highly accepted by both critics and viewers. Later on, the director of the two previous parts confirmed that he would return as the main director of the installment.

Hotel Transylvania 3 movie

The actors from the previous installments are also returning to represent their old characters:

  • Selena Gomez playing the daughter of Dracula;
  • Adam Sandler representing centuries-old vampire, father of Mavis;
  • Andy Samberg, the ordinary guy who is 21 years old. He has once come to the hotel as a traveler and fell in love with the daughter of Dracula.

There is also a new female character that appears to be the descendant of the main enemy of Dracula – Van Helsing. The movie is scheduled to be released in the middle of July in 2018.

According to the director’s words, he decided to head the project after he was truly amazed and inspired on the family vacation so that the plot of the movie takes the places on a cruise ship.


According to the previous installments, hotel in Transylvania is a special place free of humans. New Hotel Transylvania 3 official trailer 2018 represents the unusual story of old characters that go on a big touristic ship for supernatural species. But things start changing when Dracula falls in love with the captain of the ship being the child of Helsing so that his daughter tries so hard to keep the couple apart.

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