Independence Day 3 movie trailer 2019

This is one of those epic series that have been around for a couple of decades and have numerous fans from several generations. The first movie was an insane blockbuster, and while the second one didn’t deliver on all of its promises, the fans still found it to be good enough. As for the Independence Day 3 movie trailer 2019, it’s most certainly a crowd-pleaser. The graphics are better, the aliens are meaner, and there’s a lot of tension and suspense to it, something that the franchise was never really famous for.

Now, to be fair, the second chapter was pretty boring and over-the-top. The action scenes looked like they came from an Avengers session; the dialogues, the story and the narrative were even worse. At the same time, there were some fun episodes, and it was really nice to see some of the original cast 20 years later.

Trying To Find The Right Direction For The Threequel

So, the biggest question is – will they return for chapter 3? Nothing’s confirmed yet, but, judging by the reaction from the audience, it’s safe to presume that Hemsworth and Goldblum will be featured in the upcoming blockbuster. Back in June, Emmerich said that he wanted to work with the same cast if he was to direct the next movie in the franchise. He also hinted that if Resurgence was to perform well at the theaters, the third film would be made.

Independence Day 3 movie

Well, as we know now, it wasn’t a top-grossing movie last year and brought the producers +/ 390 million US dollars. The original movie, for instance, grossed over 800 million! But, thankfully, ID 3 has already been greenlit. The Independence Day 3 teaser trailer is all about intergalactic journeys and new discoveries that bring humanity to its knees again. It’s not particularly mind-blowing. Yet, there is something about it that makes us hope for a better future for the series.

Will Mr. Smith Join The Cast This Time Around?

Now, ID today is more than just a big-screen blockbuster. Along with the two movies and the upcoming threequel, there are numerous comic books, a couple of novels, a video game, and tons of fan-made stories. Yes, the legacy is still alive and well after two decades, and now it’s up to Mr. Roland Emmerich to deliver a true masterpiece.

Bringing back Will Smith would be a great idea, right? Allegedly, the man was ready to act in the second chapter but was offended by the low paycheck. Who knows, maybe this time around, he’ll join the cast? Together with Dean Devlin, Emmerich is working hard to create something worth our while. You can tell right from the start that he’s put his heart and soul into the new Independence Day 3 official trailer 2019. And we believe that with that kind of dedication, the third movie is simply destined for greatness!

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