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Mark Damon’s production company “Foresight Unlimited” began work on the creation of a new science fiction movie called “Inversion.” In the center of the plot is a story about how gravity suddenly stopped working on some parts of the Earth…

Mark Damon himself said the following about his new project:

I am more than happy that I have to work on this kind of movie. A lot of production studios expressed a desire to work with us… Although, it is not surprising – the idea of the picture is new and unique.

The screenplay for the new picture will be written by screenwriters D. Arata (“Children of Men”) and Bragi F. Schut. The producers of the film are P. Lee (“Cloud Atlas”), M. Nozik and M. Barmettler.

Inversion movie


The study of distant galaxies distracts scientists from preventing the collapse of their native planet. The growing military battles, melting glaciers and much more become side-effects of a more serious misfortune – gradual disappearance of gravity. Suddenly, the realization of the acceleration of destructive processes makes NASA, geologists, and physicists to fuss. A terrible catastrophe threatens to destroy civilization.

According to Inversion teaser trailer, the Chinese expert tries to prevent the destruction. A clever device, conceived by a specialist, requires the participation of a clever master who can keep cool in emergency situations and calculate the effectiveness of the created device beforehand. The military does not have the proper array of knowledge, and there are no brave ones among the research staff. A skilled thief is an ideal candidate for the post of assistant, but the New York police have long and vainly tried to catch a swindler. The long-awaited mistake finishes with arrest, but the jail cell becomes a swindler’s home only for a while. The guarantee of a salvation of humankind turns out to be his get-out-of-jail-free card.

Release date

The movie will come out in 2018.

We hope that the movie will be good as new Inversion official trailer 2018.

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