Jumanji movie trailer 2017

Many still know the story of game called “Jumanji”. It would seem that one film is enough: the first film included the professional cast, the great script and the high-quality effects at that time. But the creators of “Jumanji” 2017 decided to make something new, unique, and amazing. The new Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle official trailer 2017 is not available. On the Net, you can find only fan-made trailers.


According to a new story, four schoolchildren find game “Jumanji” in the basement.

Soon it turns out that this game is magical, and if you choose a character for the game, then at the same time you move into the mysterious jungle. And as a result of running the game, the heroes of the film will be transferred to some kind of alternative universe, in which absolutely unusual characters live.

Recall that the original film was based on the book by C. V. Allsburg, who is no less talented illustrator. So, as an illustrator, he worked on projects of The Chronicles of Narnia.

Jumanji movie

Since the current version should be a remake of a similar film of 1995, it can be assumed that the plot of “Jumanji” 2017 will be based on this story. But creators say that the new film will be re-interpreted and made in accordance with modern needs. Jumanji 2 teaser trailer is not publically available.

Cast and Crew

  • J. Kasdan, the son of the writer of all the beloved “Star Wars”, is director of the picture.
  • Zach Helm is the scriptwriter of this project.
  • Dwayne Johnson will play main character in the movie.
  • Kevin Hart will also appear here.
  • The spectators will be pleased with the artistic talent of Jack Black.

The movie is scheduled for December 20, 2017, in the USA, in the UK – December 26, 2017.

We hope that Jumanji movie trailer 2017 will be released as soon as possible.

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