Mary Poppins 2 – Mary Poppins Returns movie trailer 2018

There are so many interesting stories about this remarkable movie that back in 1964 was really loved by the viewers. Surprisingly, in 2018 we are going to watch the brand new sequel and Mary Poppins 2 – Mary Poppins Returns movie trailer 2018. In fact, when it comes to the release date of the original film and the one coming out soon in 2018, this appears to be the longest gaps between the releases of film sequels in the whole history of cinematography.

Speaking of the official date when the sequel (not a remake of the old one) is scheduled to come out in all American theaters, it is Christmas 2018. In his latest interview, Marc Snetiker takes us behind the scenes explaining all the interesting facts about the process of filming and the whole production including the special spirit on the set.

At the end of 2015, Disney announced they would be developing a brand new film about Mary Poppins so that they hire Rob Marshall as the director. According to his interview, British actress Emily Blunt was the first and the only one actress that popped in his head when he was thinking about who was the best candidate to play Mary.

Mary Poppins 2 - Mary Poppins Returns movie

The principal photography of the upcoming musical comedy movie started at the beginning of February 2017 in the United Kingdom which can be seen on Mary Poppins 2 – Mary Poppins Returns teaser trailer.


The sequel follows the old heroes 25 years after the events represented in the old movie – Michael Banks and his family – wife and three children. But tragically, his wife passes away, the family starts losing all the positivity and spark of love and enjoying the life they had before and those things become the reasons why magical lady Poppins returns to the family to bring all those emotions back.

Interesting facts

  • When the script to the 1964 sequel was being written, Walt Disney himself offered the role to Julie Andrews who was pregnant at that time and couldn’t play the role. But, as Disney saw only this woman being able to represent fantastic lady Poppins, he had to postpone the production unless the actress finally returned. The same thing happened whilst the production of new Mary Poppins 2 – Mary Poppins Returns official trailer 2018 – in fact, Blunt was also pregnant and the film was put off, too.
  • When Blunt found out about the reaction of the actress who played in 1964 movie, the tears started coming out of her happy eyes. Andrew confirmed Blunt was the best candidate to play Mary.
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