Mary Poppins Returns movie trailer 2018

Since the very first appearance of a magical woman back in 1964, Poppins has become one of the greatest ladies loved by children and adults. We remember her as someone who spreads the sparks of positivity – in fact, the brand new story, as well as Mary Poppins, Returns movie trailer 2018 is not an exception.


Never have we felt so happy about getting a little sneak peek at an upcoming project. In fact, it is important to mention that this is supposed to be the sequel to the 1964 movie, not a remake like it was believed earlier. According to the plot, the movie follows the events 25 years after the ones shown in the first part.

Poppins arrives at Bank’s house and realizes that family lost the spark of joy due to the death of lovely Mr. Bank’s wife. To be able to bring those positive and bright emotions back, the children, as well as Mr. Bank himself, follow their nanny on the new adventures across British streets in 1935.

Mary Poppins

Release dates

According to the official announcements, as well as Mary Poppins Returns teaser trailer, the film is going to be shown in all American theaters at the end of December 2018  – 54 years later after the very first one was released in 1964 which breaks the new record. This is the biggest amount of time between sequels in the whole history of cinematography.

What interesting is that British date of the premiere is happening four days earlier than the official American one.

Interesting facts

  • British actress Emily Blunt was the one who popped up in the head of the director who had to find the perfect actress to portray magical woman – according to his opinion, Blunt was the only actress who could do that
  • This appears to be the third collaboration between Blunt and her companion Meryl Streep, as well as Marshall
  • The actress who portrayed Poppins in 1964 should have appeared as the cameo in the brand new movie. However, it was canceled and the screenwriters brought multiple changes in the script briefly shown in new Mary Poppins Returns official trailer 2018
  • The actress from 1964 sequel who got the lead female role – Julie was very happy to hear about Blunt portraying Poppins calling her very talented actress of all the times. When Blunt heard about the comment and approval on the set she started crying because it made her happy
  • Back in the previous film, Walt Disney invited Julie to portray magical woman himself but the project was put off due to her pregnancy. The same happened to Blunt when she said the director Marshall she was pregnant.
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