Mission Impossible 6 movie trailer 2018

This is the 6th installment in the legendary spy thriller series that will feature pretty much all of the original cast while introducing some new faces to the franchise. The Mission Impossible 6 movie trailer 2018 proves that the new chapter will be just as gripping, thrilling, action-charged and fun as the previous ones.

In the United States and the United Kingdom, the film will arrive on July 27, 2018, which is more than a year away from now. The Germans will only get to see it on August 16, while the Argentineans will have it on July 26. One thing is certain: this is going to be a huge international release, and the production team still has 13 months to make sure that we, the fans of the series, finally get the movie that we deserve.

A Turning Point For The Franchise

In all fairness, M I 5 was a pretty crappy film, and even Tom Cruise’s charisma and top-notch acting didn’t save it. Yes, the pressure is building up, and the folks behind the 6th chapter have no room for failures. As for the cast, we’re happy to say that Mr. Cruise, Monaghan, Ferguson, Pegg, and Rhames will return to play their original roles.

Mission Impossible 6 movie

As for the new faces, the brand-new Superman, the big, bulky and handsome Henry Cavill will join the cast. Yes, the movie is pretty star-studded, but that still doesn’t make us worry any less. The Mission Impossible 6 teaser trailer is exceptional in terms of direction and the CGI effects; plus, it looks and feels epic.Yet, adrenaline-packed action scenes and breath-taking effects have always been a part of this franchise, but so have a good story, a thrilling plot and a thought-provoking message.

Going Back To The Roots With The Story

Will M I 6 deliver on all the promises? We’ll just have to wait and see. It was officially announced that the sixth chapter will be more focused on Cruise’s character, Hunt, and provide more insight into his background. Julia, his wife, is alive and well – her fake death was necessary to make the organization’s enemies think that Hunt has nobody in his life. The locations of the new movie include London, Paris and New Zealand.

Jeremy Renner, who was featured in the 4th chapter, was initially set to return in 2018, but then, due to his involvement in the new Avengers project, he had to say no to M I 6. The new Mission Impossible 6 official trailer 2018 still looks great, though.  The old crew is back, and we’ve got some new heroes. Cruise is still the star of the show, and he’s also the producer. Will the man manage to bring the series its glory back?

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