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In the fall of 2018, the movie “Mulan” will be available, which will continue the previously successfully tested tactics of the Disney leadership in the production of remakes of their own cartoons. Well, the movie will be directed by a woman. The topic below will show you all known information about the film and also Mulan movie trailer 2018.


The director of the movie of the famous Disney cartoon became a woman. Niki Caro is a girl with an enviable record. The New Zealand director is already flashed in the early 90’s, beginning with Cannes, where she presented her debut short work “Sure to Rise.” At the beginning of 2000, she filmed the family drama “Whale Rider,” which claimed Oscar for Best Actress and “North Country” with Charlize Theron in the title role which was nominated in two categories of the Academy Awards.

For Disney, she used to shoot a sports drama based on real events, “McFarland, USA” where Kevin Costner played the main role, and the last full-length movie for her today is the war drama “Zookeeper’s wife” with Jessica Chestane and Daniel Brühl ( by the way, also a biopic), presented in early March 2017 in Warsaw.

Mulan movie

It seems that only such a woman can film an adaptation of the history of the life of warrior Hua Mulan.

It is assumed that the script for the movie will be written by L. Hynek, R. Jaffa, E. Martin, and A. Silver.

L. Hynek and E. Martin are absolute debutants, while R. Jaffa and A. Silver, husband and wife, are the same people who gave the world a “Planet of the Apes” of the 2011 model, “Jurassic World,” an adventure drama “In the heart of the sea,” and the thriller “The hand that rocks the cradle.”


According to Mulan teaser trailer, the film will show how hard the girl lived in China during those hard times when women were not allowed to take part in hostilities. Hua Mulan, she’s just Mulan, gets dressed in men’s clothes and tries to hide this fact. There will be numerous battles ahead of her for herself, for her principles and for all those who believe in her.

The release of the film is planned for November 2, 2018, in the United States.

A new Mulan official trailer 2018 is excellent, we hope that the film will be the same.

Thank you!

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