Rendel movie trailer 2017

On the Net, Rendel movie trailer 2017 appeared. Jesse Haaja is director of the movie and creator of the superhero.


It turns out that there are superheroes in a small northern Finland. In the town of Mikkeli, there was one completely prosperous family. A group of scums got into the house of these people. All household members, including small children, were ruthlessly killed. Only the head of the family is managed to survive. The criminals were not caught. This story began to be forgotten. Only a man, who began to call himself Rendel, wants to cruelly take revenge.

Due to the nightmarish stress of the body, he had superpowers. For a while, Rendel adjusted to them. It was difficult to do, but the man did it. He wore a black mask and began at night to do justice in Mikkeli. Naturally, Rendel himself plays the role of judge and executioner. The character of the man has become hardened, but he is always ready to come to the aid of people who need him. Of course, the police is trying to understand who is behind the mask. The main goal for Rendel is to eliminate the leader of the local mafia VALA. After all, it was the people of this organization who were implicated in the murder of his family.


According to the Rendel teaser trailer, the movie promises to be interesting.

What to expect

Immediately, it can be noted that this will not be another explosive and action movie about superheroes, which now come out on TV screens in all countries of the world. It will be something like a movie shot on the comic books – a dark atmosphere, the energy of hatred and anger and the presence of a constant desire to take revenge – it is these things that will fill the new Finnish motion picture directed by Jesse Haaja.

It is important to note that the main role in such films is usually played not by the story itself, but by the key character. All the success of the project depends on whether the audience will like it. Therefore, it was given enough time for creators to describe the nature of the character and the reasons for all his actions.

Release date

The world premiere (USA, India, the UK, Canada, Russia, and etc.) of the movie is scheduled for September 22, 2017.

We hope that the movie will be as gloomy as new Rendel official trailer 2017.

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