Robopocalypse movie trailer 2018

This is an upcoming sci-fi movie based on the best-selling novel by Mr. Daniel H. Wilson. The fans of Asimov and Clarke will most definitely appreciate this brand-new release. It’s known that Steven Spielberg himself is heavily involved with this project, and that automatically means a new blockbuster is coming. As one would expect from the man, the Robopocalypse movie trailer 2018 is full of adrenaline-pumping CGI effects, awesome action scenes, and a great atmosphere.

You don’t even have to be a fan of the genre and/or big robots to like the film because it does look pretty damn cool. Welcome to a futuristic world that relies heavily on technology. Computers and AI are a big part of the daily routine, and folks are used to having robots around. A group of gifted scientists has been working tirelessly trying to create a supercomputer, a virtual “brain” that would control everything, and now they’re finally ready to show the world what they’ve accomplished.

The Robots Have Taken Over Our World!

But, as usual, everything goes to sh*t, and Archos breaks free from his cell, with every intention of protecting planet Earth. But what if the only solution is to annihilate the entire human race? Humankind thought that artificial intelligence will be the next step in evolution and lead them into a beautiful and peaceful future. But their own creation has turned on them. Now, it’s up to the resistance to join forces and prevent the machines from erasing humanity from existence.

Robopocalypse movie

The Robopocalypse teaser trailer introduces us to the freedom fighters and welcomes into the blood-chilling reality of fighting a far more superior enemy. The aftermath of the uprising is shown in an extremely realistic way, without any “post-apocalypse romance”. The production crew wanted to make the movie as gripping and thrilling as the internationally loved and cherished novel, and it seems like they’re headed in the right direction.

A Highly Qualified Team Behind The Project

At first, Spielberg claimed that he wasn’t happy with the script. Furthermore, the budget was kinda low, and he didn’t want to go ahead with the project without proper funding. Thankfully, Drew Goddard, the screenwriter for Robopocalypse, has ensured the fans that the film won’t be canceled and that it’s going to be a big crowd pleaser. By the way, this man worked on the splendid The Martian adaptation, which means he knows exactly how to bring stories from the books to the big screen.

The team is taking its time with this one, and, even though we’re kind of frustrated by the long wait, the new Robopocalypse official trailer 2018 is just too good to complain about. The future is dark and grim. The robots have taken over, and the resistance is our kind’s only hope. The gorgeous Anne Hathaway and the steadfast Chris Hemsworth will play the lead roles, while Spielberg will spearhead the project. Sounds like we’ve got a new blockbuster coming!

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