Saw: Legacy movie trailer 2017

Alright, let’s make one thing clear: from now on, the movie is officially called Jigsaw, but we’ll be calling it Legacy, as that actually sounds way cooler. As you might’ve already guessed, this is a brand-new horror movie in the iconic Saw franchise. Tobin Bell, the now-legendary actor who played Kramer, AKA Jigsaw, is officially confirmed as one of the leading actors. The Saw: Legacy movie trailer 2017 that came out on December 30th last year showed us that the game isn’t over, and there will be more brutal and gruesome murders all over town. The lunatic behind the heinous game is back, and all the evidence is leading the official investigation to believe that Kramer, a dead man, is somehow behind it. Could that be true, or is someone playing a sick game with the local cops?

More Blood, Guts, Brains, And Mysteries

Regardless, dead folks are turning up all over the place, and they aren’t just killed but brutally tortured to death. Is there a new copycat in town, or is the original Jigsaw back from the dead? So, this is the 8th movie in the Saw series, the 8th installment in this award-winning, critically-acclaimed and fan-favored franchise. It’s been a decade since the Jigsaw killer was put down, and the authorities don’t know what to do: how can you confront an enemy you can’t even see?

Saw: Legacy movie

The new movie is set to be released on October 27th this year, which is four months from now. This February, there was another Saw: Legacy teaser trailer, and, even though it was less informative than the first one (yep, that’s possible), it’s still nice to see that the movie is doing alright. These days, we’re getting a lot of cancellations especially when it comes to horrors, so it’s nice to see the Saw series is still standing strong on both feet, so to speak.

Teaser Trailer #3 – More Questions Than Answers

On June 10th, a new trailer came out on YouTube, and it showed a young couple who had their little kid abducted. The boy on the picture actually looked a bit like John Kramer, which started a huge argument among the fans whether that was something of a flashback or not. However, that was just a fake – nothing more, nothing less. The footage was from a 2010 movie called The Tortured!

But hey, who knows, maybe the creators of the new Jigsaw will actually dig deeper into the maniac behind that horrendous mask and tell his own story? That would be great, actually, because the truth is – we don’t really know much about the man. As for a legit new Saw: Legacy official trailer 2017, we expect it to drop sometime in July or so, after the upcoming Comic Con 2017. The fans are pretty hyped up already, and we personally can’t wait to check the new Saw out in October. Until then, stay tuned for more news!

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