Sgt. Stubby An American movie trailer 2018


If you love real stories that are equally heart-warming and heart-wrenching, make sure to check this touching movie out. As far as awesome historical slash adventure tales go, this one’s a standout cut. The Sgt. Stubby An American Hero movie trailer 2018 shows the peaceful and serene life before the war and introduces us to Stubby – the main character – and his first encounter with Robert, a young soldier in the American ranks.

Now, even though the story takes place during World War 1, this is a family movie, one that you can (and should) watch with your children. It’s coming to the USA and the UK on April 13, 2018; the critics are already calling it one of the most anticipated animated sagas of the next year. Big-time Hollywood stars like Logan Lerman and the fascinating Helena Bonham Carter have given their voices to the main characters.

A Brick-Strong Bond Between A Dog And A Human

So, expect a fun, brisk, epic and educational film that will touch the hearts and minds of people of every creed, nationality, skin color, and age. Alright, so, what is Sgt. Stubby all about? Welcome to 1915: the so-called war to end all wars is just around the corner, and Rob, a youngster, and a newbie, is training day and night with his teammates, trying to learn everything there is to know about how to be a soldier.

Sgt. Stubby An American movie

And one day, just as the Sgt. Stubby An American Hero teaser trailer shows, a tiny doggy with a funny stubby tail steps into the camp. That day forever changes the lives of the valiant combatant and the four-legged hero: they turn into best friends and head into the heat of the battle with no fear or remorse. But how can a mere dog be helpful on the battlefield? As history proves, it can make wonders happen!

A Story Worth Checking Out

By the way, Stubby is the first (and only) animal in the world that was officially “promoted” to sergeant. The perilous journey that the dog hopped on with the 102nd Regiment turned it into a legendary fighter and an inspiration to every single soldier out there. It never had any proper training with Rob, but that didn’t prevent Stubby from saving numerous wounded soldiers and bringing them to safety.

While stationed in France, they befriended a local infantryman who joined their cause and fought side by side with them through the horrors of war. The new Sgt. Stubby An American Hero official trailer 2018 looks great and depicts the moment the dog first met with Rob. It’s pretty bright and colorful, but when the war starts, the clouds cover the sky and it gets darker and scarier. This is the story of the most famous and honored dog in the history of the United States. It’s full of love, hope, courage, valor, and heroism. If you love true stories that inspire and uplift, this one’s just the right pick for you.

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