Sherlock Holmes 3 movie trailer 2018

Arthur Conan Doyle can be pleased – his great Sherlock Holmes is not forgotten. This can be safely asserted after the release of two new films by Guy Ritchie about this literary character.

Perhaps one of the most famous directors of our time, Guy Ritchie, hurries once again to please all fans with a screen adaptation of the most famous creation of Doyle – Sherlock Holmes. Previously, he filmed two parts of the famous saga.  In the topic below, you will find information on the film and also Sherlock Holmes 3 movie trailer 2018. Let’s go!

The picture “Sherlock Holmes: The Game of Shadows” had a dizzying success and grossed about half a billion dollars, which hinted to all the fans that the continuation will be! If earlier the release of the next part caused some controversy, then after the statement of the company Warner Brothers that they found a screenwriter for the picture, the doubts have disappeared. It turned out to be Drew Pearce.

The film once again promises to surprise with the features of the direction. Unlike the character in the book, Sherlock as Robert Downey Jr. remains all the same charmer who has already won the hearts of many spectators. Dr. Watson will remain the same charming and conservative intellectual as in the book.

Sherlock Holmes 3 movie

Shootings of the third part of Sherlock Holmes are held immediately in several locations: in the vicinity of Richmond, London and Greenwich Hospital.

This Guy Ritchie’s project undoubtedly deserves attention with its dynamism, mysticism and a drop of magic.


According to Sherlock Holmes 3 teaser trailer, the plot does not correspond to the book, but the story was based on one of the stories of Conan Doyle. True fans will be able to enjoy the plot twists, unexpected tricks of villains.


There were no significant changes in the cast, Sherlock and his constant companion, Dr. Watson, are still played by Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. Villain Moriarty will be played by Jared Harris.

But Rachel McAdams, who previously played Irene Adler and the love of the detective, in the third part will only be in the episodic role.

Release date

In the USA, the picture will hit theaters fall 2018.

We hope that the film will be interesting and funny as new Sherlock Holmes 3 official trailer 2018.

Thank you for your attention!

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