Shrek 5 movie trailer 2019

Hands down, this is one of the greatest and most commercially successful animated movie franchises of our time. Numerous folks around the world fell in love with this charming green fella and his friends back when the first movie hit the theaters in 2001. And now, more than 16 years later, the Shrek 5 movie trailer 2019 is finally here. The old crew is back, and they’re ready to hop on a new perilous journey, an adventure towards the unknown.

By the way, initially Shrek was a tale for the children, a short story, but thanks to the right people in Hollywood, it’s an internationally loved and cherished big-screen blockbuster today. The kids love it, the grown-ups love it, and even the grandpas and the grandmas love it! So, what do we know about the fifth chapter? Where will the heroes go, what kinds of new villains will they fight?

Going Back To The Roots

It all started as a big, green, and scary (but kind-hearted) creature’s quest towards finding his happiness, a place where he belongs. A lot has happened since. Shrek has kids now – he’s a family man. But DreamWorks has hinted that the new film will be more about epic adventures and hilarious jokes than the routine of a day-to-day life.

Shrek 5 movie

Shrek is an ogre, and, even though kids were getting used to his roar and nobody was even scared of him anymore in the 4th chapter, we believe that this time around, the hero will go back to the roots. The Shrek 5 teaser trailer doesn’t reveal much in terms of the plot, but that actually makes the anticipation that much more exciting.

Grandiose Plans For The Shrek Series

Now, the Shrek universe in 2017 is bigger than it’s ever been. It includes four full-length movies, a couple of spin-offs, numerous short movies, a TV show, and several video games that received international praise. With the fifth installment, the creators will, most certainly, try to overdo themselves and prove to the world they’ve got what it takes to dominate 2019. There are many successful animated series these days, and it’s not going to be easy to beat them all in a fair fight.

It’s worth mentioning that back in 2004 Jeffrey Katzenberg said that initially, they were planning on making 5 films, which means the story was already there. However, some key figures in DreamWorks have said before that the 4th movie might just be the last one in the franchise. Thankfully, after the new Shrek 5 official trailer 2019 came out, we know that Shrek 5 is still coming. Michael McCullers is the screenwriter, and he’s got every intention of reintroducing the series to the fans. Plus, both Murphy and Myers will return to their respective roles.

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