Skyscraper movie trailer 2018

Universal Pictures decided on the date of the premiere of the action movie “Skyscraper” with “The Rock” in the title role. The movie with Dwayne will come out on July 13, 2018, in the USA. Its competitors at this date are two animated films “Amusement Park,” “Hotel Transylvania 3.” In the topic below, you will see all known information about the movie including Skyscraper movie trailer 2018. Here we go!


Thurber will be the director of “Skyscraper”. He also wrote the script. Earlier, the director M. Thurber already worked with D. Johnson in the comic thriller “Central Intelligence.” The film became a box-office hit. It grossed at the worldwide box office $217 million with a $50-million budget. The producers of “Skyscraper” will be B. Flynn, D. Johnson, and the director himself M. Thurber. Dany and Hiram Garcia will be executive producers. Filming will begin in August 2017.

Skyscraper movie

This project has given rise in May last year to a real battle between interested studios. The winner was Legendary Pictures which paid at least $3 million for one script only. Filming will begin in August in China. It is assumed that by this time the filming process of another action movie with the participation of Johnson in “Rampage” will be completed. Its premiere is scheduled for April 20, 2018.

Actress N. Campbell (franchise “Scream,” “House of Cards”) will be a company for Johnson in the action/adventure movie.


According to Skyscraper teaser trailer, a popular actor will play the former leader of the FBI’s special team and Army veteran Will. After retiring, he works as an evaluator of the security of skyscrapers. On the assignment in China, the hero finds the highest and safest skyscraper in the world on fire, and the criminals make him guilty. Fleeing the police persecution, Will has to find criminals, kill them and somehow save his closest ones.

Will the main hero be able to solve such a difficult task? You will know after watching the movie.

Release date

The movie will be released in 2018. We look forward to its release.

We hope that the film will be fascinating and great as new Skyscraper official trailer 2018.

Thank you for being with us!

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