Star Wars 9 movie trailer 2019

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or on the moon, you know what Star Wars is. It’s probably the biggest franchise in history and an insanely popular series of movies that always manage to top the international sales charts. The very first film came out in 1977 and the planet has been hooked ever since.

Now, judging by the Star Wars 9 movie trailer 2019, SW is not about to hit the brakes and will only get bigger and better. The production of the 9th chapter has already started, and everything’s going according to the plan. Sadly, the legendary Carrie Fisher has passed away recently, which means the creators will have to find a different way to honor her and to change something in the script.

Saying Goodbye To The Legends

The thing is – initially, the production team wanted her to play a major part in Star Wars 9, but, for obvious reasons, that’s not possible anymore. So, what will happen to Leia, the lovely princess? In January, Lucasfilm officially announced that a virtual double (meaning a digitally created on-screen character) will not be used.

Star Wars poster

In April, the director of the upcoming movie stated that they simply will have to rewrite the story and leave Fisher out of it. Principal photography will start early 2018. And what about the release date? Well, it’s already set, ladies and gentlemen: chapter nine will arrive at the American theaters on May 24, 2019. Unfortunately, the UK citizens will have to wait for another month (it will premiere there on June 21st).

Bringing Something New To The Franchise

If you’ve seen the Star Wars Episode 9 teaser trailer, then you already know that we’re all in for quite a tasty treat. The audience usually doesn’t need any noisy marketing or integration into YouTube and the social media to get excited about a new chapter in this franchise. Star Wars today is so much more than just a movie series and that is why you can rest assured the 9th chapter will be even more commercially successful and praised by the critics/fans.

Trevorrow, the director, said that his team wants to open up the borders and do something crazy, something that even the truest fans won’t expect. It goes without saying that there are all kinds of creative rivers flowing in the production studio right now. They’ve got the best tech, the best people, and the best conditions to deliver a masterpiece. And let’s check out the new Star Wars 9 official trailer 2019 once again while we wait for another majestic SW blockbuster to fascinate us in two years. Get ready to see all of your favorite characters fighting evil together!

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