Star Wars: Han Solo movie trailer 2018

The project “Rogue one,” which was advertised back in 2015 by Birth Movies Death, was successfully completed and presented to the audience in late 2016. The spin-off, where the action develops between the 3rd and 4th episode, liked both critics and lovers of G. Lucas’s saga. There were few familiar heroes. Among them, the appearance of Darth Vader caused a special stir. The story of how the “Death Star” was created will be remembered and will be discussed for a long time. Now Star Wars: Han Solo movie trailer 2018 came out. The new plot will be devoted to the youth of the protagonist.

The famous duo of Phil Lord and C. Miller will act as directors of the picture. They are known for:

  1. Fantasy – “The Lego Movie.”
  2. Comedy – action movie – “21 Jump Street.”

The famous duo also became producers and writers of a script for this picture. L. Kasdan, who filmed “Indiana Jones,” and his son John will work on the story of a new project. They will take part in the development of the plot of the new part of “Star Wars.” Most likely, they will make adjustments regarding the behavior and character of the main hero.

Star Wars: Han Solo movie

Plot of the movie

According to Star Wars: Han Solo teaser trailer, the next spin-off will be a separate and full-fledged film. The film will be focused on the life of the Han Solo. He will appear to spectators in a new role – young, and cheerful. A. Ehrenreich will play the role of the future hero. He had once played an episodic role. Then he was a smuggler and appeared in the fourth episode. H. Ford was not invited to participate in the project.

There is an assumption that the plot for the future picture will be about the card game (Sabacc) between Han Solo and Lando Calrissian. In it, as you know, the first one managed to win the “Millennial Falcon.” Also, the directors will have to work on how to show the moment of meeting of Han Solo and Chewbacca. Who will appear in the image of Chui?

Release date

Despite all the news and guesses, the estimated date of the release of the “Star Wars” 2018 is May 25. The movie is first to be seen by United States residents.

We hope that the movie will be interesting as new Star Wars: Han Solo official trailer 2018.

Thank you for your attention!

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