The Alchemist movie trailer 2018

The Internet has The Alchemist movie trailer 2018. In the topic below, you will find all known information about the movie.


Lawrence “Morpheus” Fishburne and Idris Elba from the series “Luther,” it seems, will work together on a potentially grandiose project. According to the official information, The Weinstein Company planned to appoint them as the director and performer of the main role, respectively, in the adaptation of the novel “The Alchemist.”

However, it’s too early to rejoice. The author of the bestseller devoted 2 his posts to rumors on his Twitter account. The first of them he provided with a picture and his own quote (I want to believe that this is a manifestation of self-irony): “A book is a movie that plays right in the head.” Therefore, when leaving the cinema, we say: “The book is better.”

Laurence Fishburne To Direct THE ALCHEMIST Starring Idris Elba

The post is an expression of regret about his own short-sightedness: “I sold the rights to the Alchemist in 1993. One of the biggest mistakes in my life, but in 20 years no movie!” This tweet Paolo Coelho soon deleted for some reason.

The second post is a warning: “If you read any news from Hollywood about the Alchemist, do not believe it, they like to announce it every two years.”

In 2015, the Weinstein Company refused to film the movie.

It should be reminded that the novel was published in 1988, and since then translated into dozens of languages and sold over 65 million copies. The plot is based on the classical scheme of “finding the meaning of life and yourself.” In 2007, Lawrence Fishbourne acquired the rights for film the “Alchemist” from the Warner Bros. Studio.


According to The Alchemist teaser trailer, the protagonist of the film is the shepherd Santiago, who lives in Andalusia. One day he saw a dream that beckoned him to go  to find treasure. Then he meets Melchizedek, King of Salem, who persuades him to go to Egypt and gives two stones to Urim and Thummim, who in the future will help find answers in difficult situations. Santiago sells his sheep and sails to Africa.

Release date

In the United States, the movie will come out on 2018.

We hope that the movie will be good as new The Alchemist official trailer 2018.

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