The Bell Jar movie trailer 2018

Actress Kirsten Dunst (“The Virgin Suicides,” «Melancholy,” “Interview with the Vampire,” and others) decided to try her hand at directing. The debut work of the actress will be the adaptation of the novel “The Bell Jar.” In the topic below, you will find will necessary information about the film including the Bell Jar movie trailer 2018.


Kirsten Dunst followed the example of many of her Hollywood colleagues and decided to try herself in directing. Her first film will be a drama “the Bell Jar,” a screen version of the novel by Sylvia Plat, with Dakota Fanning in the title role.

Sylvia Plat’s novel was already filmed in 1979 by Larry Pierce, and the tragic life of the writer herself, partially reflected in the book, became the basis for the picture “Sylvia” (2003), the main role played by Gwyneth Paltrow.

Material for adaptation Dunst, who also writes the script along with Nellie Kim, chose the strong one: “the Bell Jar” is the only novel written by the poetess Plat, who suffered from depression and committed suicide a month after the publication of the book.

Filming started in early 2017.


According to the Bell Jar teaser trailer, Fanning will embody the central image of Esther Greenwood, who has many similarities with Plat herself, who comes to New York to write a novel over the summer, but soon falls into a deep depression due to various troubles, even despite the help of the therapist.

The action of the film takes place in the fifties of the twentieth century. Fanning will play Esther Greenwood, a young journalist who was invited to do probation in the New York Journal. Leaving her native Boston, in the New York atmosphere, she constantly experiences depression, which she feels suffocates her. This forces a young woman to seek help from a psychotherapist, but the therapy chosen by the doctor does not bring her significant relief. She feels bad in New York.

It’s interesting that Dunst herself starred in Lars von Trier’s film Melancholia,” which also tries frankly to talk about the problems of depression in a timely world.

Release date

The movie is scheduled to be released in 2018, in the United States.

We hope that the movie will be good and interesting as new the Bell Jar official trailer 2018.

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