The Current War movie trailer 2017

The shooting of the movie “The Current War” with Benedict Cumberbatch began in late 2016, but preparations for them began earlier – the film’s producer Timur Bekmambetov said in an interview with RIA Novosti. For quite a long time this news was the first evidence that the work on the film, finally broke the deadlock. It is noteworthy that back in 2011 the film entered the so-called “Black List,” a kind of list of the most promising, but unclaimed scenarios created every year by the results of a survey among the management of film companies. In the same year, among the interesting scenarios was marked “The imitation game” about the life path of the English mathematician and cryptographer Alan Turing, received its screen version in 2014, with Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role. The Current War movie trailer 2017 is not available. On the Net, you can find videos on the production of the film.

The Current War


The film will tell about the scientific confrontation between the inventing engineers Thomas Alva Edison and George Westinghouse, who had radically different views on the technologies that should be taken as a basis for large-scale electrification. If Edison was a supporter of DC systems, Westinghouse wished to the introduction of AC. The war of electric currents broke out in the eighties, and the first large-scale battlefield was competition for facilities in the city of Buffalo. The battle of the two minds included not only purely theoretical issues – both Edison and Westinghouse were business people, along with developments developing their companies. So, in the modern world market operates both the company Westinghouse Electric, and General Electric, founded by Edison.

The Current War teaser trailer is not publicly available.

Problems with the choosing the director

Initially, it was known about the desire of Timur Bekmambetov to take on this function, however, later he abandoned this idea, becoming one of the producers. The next candidate was Ben Stiller, but his director’s attention was captured by the project “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” released in 2013. As a result, the director was Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, the director of the series “Glee,” “The Carrie Diaries,” “Red Band Society.”

Release date

The release of the film is scheduled for December 22, 2017, in the USA.

In the UK, the movie will come out on January 5, 2018.

We hope that new The Current War official trailer 2017 will come out as soon as possible.

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