The Equalizer 2 movie trailer 2018

At the end of 2014, the very first The Equalizer was successfully released in many countries, as it got lots of positive feedbacks and comments from well-known critics, the producers, as well as the director himself, made a decision to create a sequel. In fact, The Equalizer 2 movie trailer 2018 alongside the whole franchise are based on well-known American television series with the same title that aired in 1985.

At the end of February 2014, which was more than a six months later, it was officially announced that there would be the second installment. As it was said by the director of the first film, the character that was taken from the old American series was very interesting, as well as his personal story – the future installments may have a more international flavor which actually gave the huge success when it comes to the very first part of the franchise.

The Equalizer 2 movie


According to the announcements made about future, The Equalizer 2 teaser trailer the sequel of the first part will again have Washington playing the main character – Robert. Among that, there were a lot of talks and conversations about its release date to be able to avoid the conflicts with other franchises that are planned to come out in 2018.

The upcoming movie about retired agent who takes his gun again to use it for vengeance is scheduled to officially come out in American and also British cinemas in the middle dates of September in 2018 alongside the new The Equalizer 2 official trailer 2018 which will be represented to the public a lot earlier to tell the short story of the project.

Interesting facts

  • Even if he has made lots of official announcements about the mentioned movie, the director of the very first installment of the franchise of genre action – Antoine Fuqua – he would not be returning as the director of the sequel. However, according to the predictions, if he changes his mind, it will be the very first time to him to direct the sequel that potentially can have even more installments in the near future due to the huge success
  • It is still unknown who will be returning for the movie set to play the main characters, as well as whether we will see the actors represented in the first installment or not
  • According to the information from different Internet sources, the second movie of the well-known franchise is supposed to be the only sequel to date in the filmography of Denzel Washington.
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