The Flash movie trailer 2018

With The Wonder Woman having international success at the theaters and the new Justice League movie arriving soon, we’ve got The Flash movie trailer 2018 to warm us up for the upcoming premiere. As you could’ve already guessed, this will be a solo film about the fastest man alive and one of the regular members of the JL.

Back in 2014, Warner Bros. came out with an official statement, announcing that the brand-new Flash movie would hit the theaters in 2018 and be the 6th chapter in the insanely popular DC Universe that we all love and cherish. So, who’s gonna play Barry Allen? Ezra Miller, one of the best young actors in Hollywood right now. His debut will happen in the aforementioned Justice League, and then we’ll get to see the solo movie.

Finding The Golden Middle

There was a rumor that Berlanti, the man behind CW’s commercially successful Flash TV show was hired to work on the script and even direct the new big-screen blockbuster, while Kiersey Clemons was to portray Iris. Billy Crudup is confirmed as Henry, Barry’s dad, and Ray Fisher will play Cyborg (that’s actually more of a wishful thinking than a fact). Next, Robert Zemeckis was named as one of the possible directors; but that information was later denied.

The Flash movie

One thing is certain: judging by The Flash teaser trailer that we saw in the extended Justice League clip, Barry will be the same carefree, trouble-free and joyful character that we saw in the TV show. Some fans claim that the screenwriters should’ve made him more of a grown man with the weight of the world on his shoulders than a “green” youngster.

Central City Needs A Hero To Protect It!

But, given the fact that the producers wanted a more “chill” plot with lots of jokes and an overall lighter atmosphere, it seems like this attitude will stick. The head honchos decided to change the mood of the universe after the Batman Vs. Superman epic was dubbed the gloomiest movie of the decade, by the way.

Barry used to be a regular man working with the police as a forensic investigator, but when a huge bolt of lightning hits a bunch of chemicals and the man gets soaked in all the toxins, he wakes up the next day with super speed. Central City, his hometown, is under attack every single day, and it’s in a desperate need of a hero.  The new The Flash official trailer 2018 is equally gripping, thrilling, stylish and fun. If you’ve been a fan of “The Scarlet Speedster” from day 1, make sure to check this movie out when it hits the theaters.

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