The Forest of Hands and Teeth movie trailer 2018

Carrie Ryan single-handedly created this best-selling post-apocalyptic novel that conquered the hearts and minds of numerous teenagers around the world. And now the movie industry is finally ready to turn it into a big-screen blockbuster. We’re happy to say that The Forest of Hands and Teeth movie trailer 2018 looks and feels exactly how it should, and stays true to the original’s atmosphere and style.

Sci-fi stories about a zombie apocalypse aren’t new today, but this book is special, and that’s probably why they decided to give it the green light. Welcome to a future where everything is straightforward and simple. In Mary’s world, the Sisterhood is always right and you can’t ever question their judgment. The so-called Guardians, in turn, are ready to protect the innocents and to keep them from harm’s way. And then you’ve got the Unconsecrated, the ones that will never back down.

The Forest of Hands and Teeth

The Village Is All Mary Has Ever Known

There’s a mysterious fence all around the village, and no soul is ever allowed to cross it. That fence is there to protect the people from the scary forest that’s full of ugly and lethal creatures. Nobody really knows what’s lurking in the shadows in the forest; yet, they all believe what the elders are telling them is true. All Mary has ever known is that there’s nothing behind the fence but death and emptiness.

However, that’s not really the truth, and the day a stranger arrives in town, everything changes. The Forest of Hands and Teeth teaser trailer shows the moment the mysterious newcomer steps foot into her town. How come he’s never been exposed to the dangers of the outside world? This person knows what’s really going on in the forest, and he’s ready to share his wisdom.

Turning The Book Into A Successful Movie

However, the dystopian society of the village is not ready to change its ways. On the other hand, Mary is all about escaping the brutal rules and customs of her home. When an opportunity presents itself, she leaves it all behind without second-guessing the decision. Maisie Williams, the GOT star, is officially confirmed as the lead actress in this upcoming epic blockbuster, while the rest of the cast remains unknown.

Kate Maberly, in turn, is the director and the screenwriter for this project. Now, with the book being so popular among the young adult audience, it’s safe to presume that the big-screen adaptation will be just as commercially successful. The story is great, the characters are well-developed and likable, and the new The Forest of Hands and Teeth official trailer 2018 is both exciting and engrossing. It looks like there’s gonna be a new top-grosser next year.

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