The Predator 4 movie trailer 2018

Also known as just The Predator, without the “4”, this is, well, the fourth chapter in the iconic franchise about the alien creatures that come to planet Earth to hunt and have some fun. Shane Black is directing this action-packed, adrenaline-charging sci-fi blockbuster, and, judging by The Predator 4 movie trailer 2018, the man knows exactly what he’s doing.

You can never satisfy every single fan out there, but there are certain rules to making a Predator movie, rules that you gotta follow if you want it to be a successful release. And, again, the man behind this project certainly does know how to pay homage to the original films while introducing new and exciting stuff to keep it fresh and dope.

A Sequel We’ve Been Waiting For

In case you were wondering, this will be the sequel to the legendary 1987 Predator; that’s actually great news and we can’t wait to check it out. It’s officially confirmed that it’s coming to the American theaters on August 3, 2018, and a week later (on August 10th) to the United Kingdom.

The Predator 4 movie

Yes, it’s like 13 months away from now, but if the team manages to do everything right, we’re ready to wait for that long. The Predator 4 teaser trailer is very promising and gives us hope that after the latest movies (which were not that great) the fans will finally get what they deserve. It will be rated R, so don’t you even think about taking your children to the premiere!

Olivia Munn Against The Predators? Awesome!

As for the cast, it’s known that the gorgeous Olivia Munn will play a leading role in the film. She will portray a strong-willed, fearless (and sexy) female character who’s ready to take on the alien scum any time of the day. Another magnificent actress – Yvonne Strahovski – and Boyd Holbrook will also be a part of the cast. There’s not much we know about the story except that there will be several Predator on Earth and that they’ll be divided into two teams that fight each other.

It was rumored that Schwarzenegger himself would return to the series with this movie and that 50 Cent (the rapper) was willing to join the cast. Unfortunately, both rumors turned out to be false. The new The Predator 4 official trailer 2018 is still gripping and nail-biting, though. The sequel was announced back in 2014, and right now the team has a whole year ahead of it to fine-tune the movie to perfection. Let’s hope that all the stars align just right and we get a summer smash hit next year.

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