The Predator movie trailer 2018

Fans of aliens from the past are eagerly waiting to see the movie Predator 4 which will be released in 2018. In the topic below, you will find all necessary information about movie, cast, creators, and also new The Predator official trailer 2018.


Shooting of the film was finally launched in February 2017, which the director informed subscribers on his official page on Twitter, putting a photograph of a black “handsome” alien with dreadlocks, without forgetting to provide a photo with a simple comment: “Monday. The hunt has begun.” The movie will be R-rated. This means that children under 18 cannot be allowed to watch the movie. According to the director, there will be a lot of blood in the new “Predator.”

On the picture worked not just professionals but super creative people. They are sure that everyone will like screen adaptation: both adults and the younger generation.

Cinematographer Larry Fong is known for the popular TV series “Lost” and his wonderful work in “Now you see me.” The slogan of the picture “You’ll never see him coming” intrigues.

The Predator movie

The script for the fantastic action movie was written by several talented people, among them Fred Dekker, Thomas brothers and Shane Black. Shane is known to viewers for “Lethal Weapon” and the famous “Iron Man.” And most importantly, he himself acted in the first version of the picture and helped in writing the script for it.

Is it remake or continuation? Shane Black is not like of reboots, so you have to prepare for a new exciting story. Probably, it is a continuation but completely new and unusual.


According to The Predator teaser trailer, next fourth story about a predators. In it, we will see people building spaceships and other devices used by monsters. New worlds, unusual and often frightening, will also be represented in the picture. Why are aliens here? What is their mission? The answers to questions will be given to those who see the film.


The main cast of the new “Predator”: B. Holbrook, O. Munn, S. K. Brown, T. Jane, T. Rhodes, K.-M. Kay, J. Tremblay, Y. Strahovski, and others.

We hope that movie will be as interesting as The Predator movie trailer 2018.

Thank you for being with us!

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