The Purge 4 movie trailer 2018

Finally, in 2018, we will be able to see the fourth installment of the horror movie franchise after seeing the last one in 2016. Luckily it didn’t take too long to create a brand new sequel as already in September 2016 the producers started talking about creating an upcoming film as well as The Purge 4 movie trailer 2018.

The director and screenwriter of the previous installments made an announcement that the upcoming movie would be a prequel to the whole horror film trilogy. Moreover, Universal Studios are going to take the main participation in the production. The future script to the film will be written by the director again, which was finally confirmed in February 2017.

Later on, it was stated that the distribution company would hire a new director but the old one would keep his screenwriter chair.

Another 2018 project

Alongside creating the movie and The Purge 4 teaser trailer, DeMonaco – the director of three installments – gave some hints about making television series based on the trilogy. Finally, on May 2017, it was said that USA Network would reveal brand new series in 2018 together with the fourth sequel.

Maskas For The Purge

Interesting facts

  • According to the rumors, the movie should be titled “The Fury” or “The Purge”.
  • Filmmakers are not sure whether any of the old characters that were showed in previous installments will appear in brand new movie.
  • The movie will represent the main events happening before the first installment that was officially released in 2013.
  • New The Purge 4 official trailer 2018 is supposed to show what actors and actresses are going to star in the movie.

Plot – short details

As it was said earlier, the movie will focus on the events that will afterward lead up to the very first installment. However, we aren’t having too many details about its storyline but according to the release date, we can predict it may be somehow connected to that day.

Those who are still unfamiliar with the franchise – the movie is set in new America that holds Purge Night which represents the night lasting for 12 hours where all the criminal actions become legal with some exceptions.

Official release date – is it already revealed?

According to the announcements from filmmakers, the film is scheduled for its fourth American release following the fourth of July 2018. Afterward, the film will be shown in German theaters as a part of official European premiere.

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