Toy Story 4 movie trailer 2019

It seems like quite recently there was the official release of the third installment in the whole animated movie franchise. However, it was finally announced that in 2019 Disney will release a brand new story about our favorite toys as breathtaking adventures in the fourth installment. When it comes to Toy Story 4 official trailer 2019 it was supposed to be officially released in 2016 and the whole animated installment should have come out in summer 2017.

After multiple changes and working on the other project that is already released, Disney made a decision to escape the conflicts in schedule and set a brand new release date for the fourth sequel. So, the official date when the movie is going to come out in American cinemas is the end of June in 2019.

Toy Story 4 movie

Interesting facts

During the process of creating this animated Disney film, there was a special atmosphere on the set that made an influence on the whole story. According to the recent comments of actors and director himself, we managed to catch some interesting facts about upcoming installment:

  • By the time the movie comes out in 2019, the fourth story about toys’ adventures will have released exactly 24 years after the very first installment.
  • This is the first part of the franchise that does not include the participation of the original owner.
  • Whilst working in a voice cast, Tom Hanks took the participation in another film. He described giving his voice to Woody as having a super long training session in the gym doing abs exercises.
  • Toy Story 4 teaser trailer represents brand new adventures of old heroes and as it was expected – the whole story is followed by love.
  • Don Rickles should have been in the project, too but didn’t manage to read his dialogue. He passed away in April 2017. To be able to somehow involve his voice in the fourth installment, filmmakers made a decision to use the audio and other outtakes from the previous sequels of the franchise.
  • The new movie will have the same compositor to create the music and all soundtracks.

When it comes to the new Toy Story 4 official trailer 2019, as it was said earlier, we only know that it follows the love story between Bo Peep (a beautiful doll made of porcelain) and Woody. According to the third movie, the doll wasn’t present in that sequel so the new one is connected to the previous film as Woody and Buzz goes on an adventure to find the love of the main character and bring her back.

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