Venom movie trailer 2018

Marvel is very serious about creating multiple franchises and is planning to officially reveal them in the future – we hope that 2018 is only start of that. First of all, the company is scheduled new movie for future release, as well as its Venom movie trailer 2018.

Most of the information about the project is kept under the secret – all we have is some pieces posted on the pages of the celebrities and filmmakers. However, we have enough to predict that Marvel is going to create another story about a super hero and his adventures. There are absolutely no doubts the special visual effects are going to look amazing and fit the film from the beginning.

Production details

In May 2017 it was official announced that English actor Tom Hardy would take the participation in the upcoming movie starring Eddie Brock – Sony Picture, the production company of the project, posted a picture on their official page on Twitter shortly describing some spicy details about the film.

Tom Hardy as Venom

On the posted photo we can clearly see Tom Hardy posing in the white t-shirt with the character he is going to portray on it – Venom which is commonly associated with another Marvel super hero Spider Man. But we definitely have some bigger fish to fry such as Venom teaser trailer where we will see Hardy in his new role.

Even though Venom is more antihero, we still hope Tom will have enough charm to make his character look slightly different and more interesting.

Interesting facts

  • Tom should have portrayed another character in a future movie about X-Men. Instead, he will represent Brock in the 2018 film although he still shows the big interest towards filming in X-Men.
  • It was believed that the movie Life had been a prequel to the upcoming one but those rumors weren’t confirmed.
  • The movie is known in Hollywood for having very complicated history of production. It should have become brand new spin-off part from the upcoming movie about Spider Man but afterward, the plans were changed. Since then, Sony has been keeping the production details under the secret – all we know is that it is coming out in 2018.

Official release date

In case after watching new Venom official trailer 2018 you are wondering when the actual film is coming out, here it is – the movie is scheduled for official American release on 5th of October in 2018. On the same day, the new film will be represented in all British pictures, as well.

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