When does come out Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad movie 2018

The new animation movie by Aaron Woodley that will come only in 2018 is called “Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad 2018”. In the topic below, you will find all known information on the movie, including the answer to the main question: “When does Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad come out?”

When is Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad 2018 coming to theaters?

The movie will come out in the first quarter of 2018.

Global warming is a fact, and how we can “cool” the climate

The fact that the climate is changing was first understood by geologists. Climatologists themselves took up the study of temperature dynamics and found out that it is important for everything: for the state of the environment, for agriculture, for the economy … The most important contribution to the study of climate change was made by the Soviet and Russian scientist Mikhail Budyko. It was he and the American Sakuro Manabe who for decades determined the development of climatology.

Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad movie 2018

How did scientists come to the conclusion that we live in an era of global warming? They just used the weather station data.

To date, the temperature does not rise and does not fall – it reached a high level at the end of the twentieth century and so it remains at this level. It is important to note that global warming is not a train that monotonously goes on schedule. Global warming is a process in which occur holes. Right now we are living in a period of such a hole.

The global warming is also evidenced by the temperature measurements of the upper 700-meter layer of the World Ocean. These temperatures are rising.

Indirect proofs of global warming include the reduction of mountain glaciation – everywhere, except Norway, the glaciers recede, as well as the rising level of the world’s oceans.

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Talking about the effects of global warming is simple. This is not a weather forecast for you! You can write anything about what will happen in a hundred years: by that time you will not live and, accordingly, you will be freed from any responsibility.

But seriously, the whole world community of climatologists (which, by the way, is very well structured within the framework of the World Meteorological Organization) is trying to solve the problem of future global warming. So, what conclusions do scientists come to today? First, the rise in temperature will drag the rise in the level of the World Ocean. It will grow up to about 70 cm by the end of the century. Secondly, the cryosphere degrades – the melting of permafrost is activated. The humidification regime will change – in the Mediterranean, for example, conditions of aridity will appear, as here the temperature will increase and the amount of precipitation will decrease.

Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad 2018

The rise in the level of the World Ocean is a concrete frightening factor, because very many infrastructure facilities are in the zone of reaching storms, right on the beaches.


The movie Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad trailer is no available.


Swifty wants in the top team of the Dogs, dealing with express delivery. Once he is given a chance to deliver a secret parcel.

When he comes to the final destination – the fortress of the walrus, he knows about his evil-plan to melt the polar ice.

And now, Swifty has to fight against the walrus in order to save the planet from global warming.

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  • Franco as voice of Lemmy
  • Renner as voice of Swifty
  • Baldwin as voice of PB
  • Holden as voice of Dakota
  • Madsen as voice of Duke

Release Date

Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad 2018 movie release date is scheduled for January 26, 2018, in the US.

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