When does come out Justice League 2 movie 2019

American fantastic superhero action movie directed by Zack Snyder based on the comic book of the same name, “DC Comics”.

The film’s director Zach Snyder: “The idea of creating a Justice League itself was incredibly exciting. Yes, we came very close to the moment when it was “long overdue” to create this project but I do not blame the studio. We really make a creative bet. At first glance it seems that everything is simple — you take and drag all superheroes into the project but you need to create the world where they can exist together and at the same time.”


Controversial information about the further fate of the “Justice League” comes from the authors of the project. Slash Film correspondents managed to communicate with Deborah Snyder and her husband Zak Snyder and get very strange answers from them. In particular, on the question of whether the Justice League, as previously planned, would consist of two parts, Deborah Snyder said: “We are only planning so far, and while we are just shooting the first film.”

Justice League 2 2019

Thus, it becomes quite obvious that after the debacle of “Batman vs. Superman” studio Warner Bros. decisively revised their plans for the development of DC Comics.

When is Justice League volume 2 2019 coming to theaters?

The movie is scheduled for 2019.

Saving the project

Influential American edition Forbes published a note in which was proposed a scheme for saving the project of the Warner Bros. studio — “Justice League”.

According to the author of the text, Rob Cain, it is necessary to execute a program of five points.

  • Listen to the criticism of the audience. In the author’s opinion, no one wants to “look at depressive and boring films based on comics”. “You have problems when many viewers of the picture write that it is too dark and gloomy” — he emphasizes.
  • Send Zack Snyder to retire. “I’m not saying that Snyder did not try to make a good film, he just does not know or does not remember how it’s done. The only thing Snyder learned at his design college in Pasadena is how to paint interesting pictures, but he has repeatedly demonstrated his innate inability to create a fascinating story” — said Cain.

Justice League 2 Batman

  • To allow Ben Affleck write a script and make a film but to take away from him the Batman costume. “It’s not that his performance of Batman’s role was bad, he just is not suitable for it”. The Internet meme “Sad Affleck” became quite an expected reaction from the audience” — adds the author.
  • Correct all other creative solutions. “If the studio executives are confident that Batman vs. Superman has somehow given the project the right direction, they need to get rid of the desire to give out what is desired for the reality”.
  • Significantly reduce the budget. The author points out that the production budgets of Marvel’s competing projects are mostly much more modest. “Yes, the two series of “Avengers” budgets also amounted to about $ 200 million, but they were already created in the wake of the grand success of the previous parts of the project — believes he.

In conclusion, Rob Cain stresses that if he was a shareholder of Warner Bros., he would certainly demand a correction course.


The official movie Justice League part 2 trailer is not released.

Justice League 2 Superman

New image of Superman

In the film “Justice League”, viewers can see an updated image of Superman, namely, with long hair. This was told by the director Zack Snyder in an interview with Comicbook.

“It would be great”- he said. Note that in the comics Superman, after his death in battle with Doomsday, did return with long hair and in an updated black suit with a silver S on his chest. Snyder himself repeatedly stressed earlier in various interviews that he likes the storyline of the comic “Death and Return of Superman”.

It should be reminded that according to unconfirmed information the project “Justice League” will not be a dilogy, as was originally thought, but two independent films.


  • B. Affleck as Batman
  • H. Cavill as Superman the
  • G. Gadot as Wonder Woman
  • J. Momoa as Aquaman
  • E. Miller as Flash

Release Date

Justice League vol 2 2019 movie release date is programmed for 2019. There is no exact information on month and day.

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