When does come out Coco movie 2017


A full-length American cartoon is another joint project of the famous studios Pixar and Disney. Full information on the movie, including the answer to the main question: “When does Coco come out?” you will find on the topic below.


The directors of the movie so far are two people: Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina. The latter, in fact, debuts in directing – what has long been accepted in Pixar – to prepare novice authors by arranging them for work with already experienced directors in one of the projects being prepared at the studio.

Lee Unkrich is a man with a lot of experience. However, perhaps Adrien Molina will sometime be able to boast the same in relation to someone who will only take the first steps in the animation.

Coco movie 2017

So, Lee is the same person who was engaged in the production of both the “Monsters, Inc.” and “Toy Story”, and “Finding Nemo” as a director.

On the other hand, here is an example of how Lee himself was once inexperienced and took over precious knowledge from his more mature colleagues. “Big Escape”, the final part of the trilogy “Toy Story”, he already shot on his own. And now he himself will have to share his accumulated experience in animation with Molina.

“Coco” is produced by John Lasseter, without which Pixar would not be what it is today. Despite the fact that many complain about his current craze for work in Disney, he is still a “Pixarman”. He just rose to a high post and occupies two senior positions in two large companies.

When is Coco coming to theaters in 2017?

The movie will come out in the middle of November 2017.

Coco movie


Family animated picture “Coco” tells the story that happened to the 12-year-old boy Miguel. Miguel lives in a large family in a poor Mexican village. Unexpectedly, the young man reveals the ancient secret of his family, associated with the national Mexican holiday Memorial Day. This discovery abruptly changes the fate of Miguel.

It should be reminded that this day in Mexico and other countries of the Caribbean is also called the Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos), a holiday dedicated to the memory of the dead. Every year it is celebrated on November 1 and 2. It is believed that on that day the souls of deceased relatives come to their home and visit their descendants. The tradition to celebrate the Day of the Dead goes back to the Aztec Mayan. Ancient Indians in honor of the commemoration of relatives decorated their houses with a picture of skulls.

Despite the ticklish and rather eerie theme, the cartoon is considered family and recommended for viewing by children.

Official Trailer

The movie Coco trailer is available. You can watch it right now.


It is known who will voice the main characters in the story. So, the voice of the boy Miguel will speak Anthony Gonzalez, the absolute debutant in the movie, and Ernesto de la Cruz, musician – Benjamin Bratt.

A character named Hector, such a charming deceiver, will be voiced by Gael Garcia Bernal. Renee Victor has to give his voice to a heroine named Abuelita, such an imposing Spanish grandmother in every sense.

Release Date

Coco movie release date in 2017 is scheduled for November 22, 2017, in the USA.

In the UK, the movie will appear on screen on January 19, 2018.

The world premier (India, Canada, and others) is planned for November 15, 2017.

If you plan to go to the cinema with the whole family in the specified period, then it’s hard to come up with a better option than the “Coco”. Be sure that you will get a charge of positive emotions for the whole day and a few more. It’s PIXAR!

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