When does come out Godzilla 2 King of Monsters movie 2019

Godzilla 2 is an American fiction thriller, the sequel to the 2014 Godzilla film. Godzilla is the ancient monster Kaiju, protecting the world from monsters incapable of peacefully living on the planet. This time Godzilla will have to fight at once with three opponents: Pteranodon Rodan, butterfly Mothra, and three-headed dragon Hydra. If you want to know all known information for to date on the movie, you should watch the article below.

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For a long time there were rumors about the second Godzilla but only recently there was information that it will be released. Capturing special effects, a ruined city and four creatures will converge in a struggle for power all over the world. Godzilla will fight not only for its place of habitation but also for people – to prevent chaos on the Earth.

Godzilla 2 King of Monsters poster


The director of Godzilla 2 is M. Doherty. He is experienced screenwriter (“The Return of Superman”). Doherty has been working in the field of horror comedy.  Originally, Warner Bros. signed Doherty as a screenwriter. Already then, rumors spread that Doherty could take the director’s chair, which was released after Edwards left for the movie Star Wars.  The confirmation of his appointment came only in January 2017. At the same time, the title of the movie liked into the media – “Godzilla: The King of Monsters”.

  • S. Chambliss is a production designer.
  • D. Scott is an art director.
  • C. Lanning is a first assistant director

When is Godzilla 2 King of Monsters 2019 coming to theaters?

It will happen only in 2019.

Godzilla against Kong

Studio Warner and the film company Legendary team up in the work on “Godzilla vs. Kong”. Thus, two classic monsters will collide in a large-scale movie that will unite the characters of different studios. The first films, over which the studios will work together are “King Kong: Skull Island” which was released on March 9, 2017, and the action film “Godzilla 2”, which is planned for out on 2019. The premiere of “Godzilla against Kong” will be held in 2020.

Godzilla 2 King of Monsters

Note that in 2013, Legendary moved from Warner to Universal, where it settled with new projects. Thomas Tull, the founder of the company, was looking for greater independence for his films and TV programs, and also intended to continue to make films oriented mainly to the fans of pop culture. Warner did not support the strategy, and so Tull moved his company to Universal.

Here’s what T. Tull says about the merger of the franchises:

“The audience took Godzilla very well. Being a fan of these movies all my life, I wanted to see what would happen when two giants met, and at last such an opportunity appears.”  Note that two giants already faced on the screen in the Japanese movie of 1962.


The movie Godzilla 2 King of Monsters trailer is not available. It will come closer to release of the film itself.

Kong: Skull Island


After Godzilla became the guardian of the city of San Francisco, he fell to the bottom of the ocean. In the city re-established order and pacification. But the ancient monster will not be able to rest for a long time in the ocean depths, as three creatures are approaching the city: the giant Pteranodon Rodan, the huge Mothra and Hydra, who are ready to wipe out not only San Francisco but the whole civilization.

Only Godzilla can cope with monsters, protecting self-habitat.


K. Watanabe as Dr. Ishiro Serizawa

Also, in the movie will take part M. Brown, V. Farmiga, K. Chandler. Roles of the actors are not disclosed.

Release Date

Godzilla 2 King of Monsters 2019 movie release date is planned for March 22, 2019, in the USA.

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