When does come out Indiana Jones 5 movie 2019

It is an American adventure thriller by Steven Spielberg, the fifth part of the legendary franchise about the adventures of archeologist.

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About the fifth part of the film about Jones became known after appear on screens the fourth movie. In December 2013, Alan Horn, said that we should not wait for the picture before 2015, because of the difficulties with the plot. In an interview with the director of the studio “The Walt Disney” Robert Eiger denied all the rumors that fifth part will be the final part: “No, it will not be like the world of “Star Wars”. Now we are working on the continuation, and then we organize some kind of restart. First, we’ll return the main character, and then we’ll start thinking about how to proceed further – that’s what I mean. We have Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. Where do we move next? We have already discussed the direction of development, but now is not the time to talk about it. I do not think that it will be the same scale as the universe of the “Star Wars”, but we will have other films. This is not the final part.”

Indiana Jones 5 movie 2019

When is Indiana Jones 5 2019 coming to theaters?

The movie will appear on cinema screens only in 2019.


The Disney studio hired a screenwriter – David Koepp. He worked on such pictures as “Mission: Impossible” and “Jurassic Park” and now will write the fifth part of the adventures of the legendary archeologist.  Of course, most news publications kick Koepp for the script for the fourth part of the thriller (especially the scene with a refrigerator). But many forget that the script writer has been working with Spielberg since the early 1990s, when he adapted the novel “Jurassic Park”, and later the “War of the Worlds” for the director. In addition, the script of “Skull” was written by George Lucas who will not be involved in the development of the fifth series.  It is not yet reported whether Koepp will work on the already existing plot of “Indiana Jones 5” or will come up with something new.


The movie Indiana Jones 5 trailer is not available.

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The main character of the movie “Indiana Jones 5” – the legendary archeologist-adventurer returns. This time Jones will go on a truly fascinating journey against which the previous adventures of the archaeologist are fading. Ahead of the main character expects a lot of new discoveries and very difficult tasks which are unlikely to manage alone.

Indiana Jones 5 movie


H. Ford as Indiana Jones

As for the participation of Harrison Ford, who at the time of filming will be 76 years old, then the actor can only be the “image” of the adventures that will go to his rejuvenated version. Expect that Ford at such a venerable age will again play in the adventure is useless to wait.  If the actor still finds himself at the center of the story, then the studio will have to shell out for good insurance. For films like “Force Awakens” and “Indiana Jones 5”, the insurance of the main members of the crew makes up 0.5% of the total budget. That is, if the budget of “Star Wars” by J.J Abrams was $ 200 million, then Ford insurance cost about 1 million dollars.

Insurers take into account many factors. In the case of Harrison Ford, everything will depend on whether he continues the career of the pilot, what way of life he leads and how he feels. It should be noted that a year ago, Ford unsuccessfully landed, piloting his vintage airplane but did not receive serious injuries.

Release Date

Indiana Jones 5 2019 movie release date is planned for July 19, 2019, in the USA.

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