When does come out Life of the party movie 2018

The new comedy movie by Ben Falcone that will come out only in 2018 is called “The Life of the party”. If you want to know all information concerning the movie, including the answer to the main question: “When does Life of the party come out?” you should read the article below.

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Ben Falcone is a director of the film. He is known for “Tammy”, “The Boss”, “Enough Said”, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”

  • F. Eisler is a composer of the film.
  • J. Macat is a cinematographer.
  • B. Olds is a film editor.
  • R. Smith is a production designer.
  • H. Dumas is an art director.
  • A. McGary is a set decorator.
  • K. Perkins is a costume designer.

Life of the party movie 2018

When is Life of the party 2018 coming to theaters?

The movie will come in the first part of May 2018.

The main actress of the movie – Melissa McCarthy

For five years, Melissa McCarthy has been playing a major role in one of the most successful American sitcoms of recent times: the ironically melodramatic comedy “Mike and Molly” about the family life of a police and school teacher who once decides to challenge Jane Austen and become a writer. The number of eccentric relatives and family-creative troubles per square meter of the film goes off the scale: Melissa McCarthy received an excellent script basis for showing all the facets of comedic talent. The creator of the series, producer Chuck Lorry, often admits that he loves “Mike and Molly” even more than his famous television brainchild “The Big Bang Theory”

In the comedy “Identity Thief”, which the resourceful domestic distributors for some reason released under the title “Catch the fat woman, if you can” Melissa is paired with Jason Bateman. His character is the victim of not only the cunning of a clever lady but also the fact that all personal data in the modern world is stored in computers, which means: stealing them is easy. By the will of fate, the heroes make a long automobile voyage across America – and the road without songs like rum without a cheerful company.

In this movie, one episode is more amusing than the other. So, for example, her heroine gets into a fight with the character of Bateman. She has a perfect right-hand strike – the Amazons nervously smoke away from the great Hollywood carnage.

Melissa McCarthy is not afraid to be awkward and ugly on TV. Her only goal is to be funny, and she always does it perfectly. The talent of comedy reincarnations brought her the premier television award Emmy for the role of Molly in the sitcom “Mike and Molly” and almost annual nominations for “Emmy” for participating in sketches of the program Saturday Night Live. Melissa is always ready to make any comedy situation even funnier, for example, climb out of the bushes on the Ellen DeGeneriz’s show. Today McCarthy is already invited to the famous Hollywood franchises: in 2016 the long-awaited “Ghostbusters” appeared on the screens, where one of the roles went to McCarthy, a wonderful comedian with a real dramatic talent. If Melissa continues the career of a film actress, we, the spectators, will always have a reason to laugh heartily.

And now we wait for new movie “Life of the Party” that will be cool and funny.

Life of the party


The movie Life of the party trailer is not available now.


Deanna early got married, and instead of learning and build a career, she chose Housewife’s path. She is responsible for household and raising children. But once husband walked out on her, and the woman left without support and livelihood.

Deanna decides to catch up and goes to college. At the same time, she is studying at one faculty with her own daughter, who does not like such classmate from the university. However, Deanna is quickly becoming the soul of the company, felt, albeit in the wrong age, the taste of youth and joy to life.


  • M. McCarthy as Deanna
  • G. Jacobs as Helen
  • A. Arjona as Amanda
  • S. Root as Mike
  • D. Ryan as Jennifer
  • S. Purser as Connie

Release Date

Life of the party 2018 movie release date is scheduled for May 11, 2018, in the USA.

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