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When does come out Paddington 3 movie 2018

Family comedy from the producer of “Harry Potter” where the lead roles are performed by N. Kidman, P. Capaldi and H. Bonneville. The official slogan of the movie “The Adventures of Paddington”- “Please look after this bear. Thanks!” Paddington – a longtime competitor to Winnie the Pooh for the love of readers first, and then the audience – the first to have a full-length adventure with the participation of these actors. According to director Paul King, the film is a mixture of “Baby” and “Elf”. The main character – the Bear Paddington – the creators of the picture painted by computer animation, and voiced by the British actor Ben Whishaw (“Cloud Atlas”, “Zero’s Theorem” etc.). Initially, however, it was assumed that the bear cub would be either the voice of Hugh Laurie or Colin Firth. If you want to know: “When does Paddington 3 come out?” you should look through the topic below.

When is Paddington 3 2018 coming to theaters?

As creators assure the movie have to come only in 2018.

Paddington 3 movie 2018

Paddington. About the Books

Apparently, the love of toy bears is in the British blood. And this love has long been the subject of national exports. Winnie-the-Pooh, for example, speaks already in so many languages ​​and dialects that only their enumeration would take half a page. And although the younger brother of Winnie – the bear Paddington has not yet conquered so vast space but he also has prospects. Now we can also enjoy the company of Paddington, and at the same time get acquainted with its creator.

His name is Bond. Michael Bond. Unlike his namesake and compatriot James, he never was in the secret service of Her Majesty the Queen. Everything that Michael Bond did, he did quite openly. In his youth – during the Second World War – he served in the army. Then he began to write. Then he worked as an operator of children’s television programs on the Air Force. And although some of the stories of Michael Bond published in magazines and sounded on the radio, the real success of the writer achieved only in 1958, when he saw the light of his first book on Paddington.

Paddington Bear is not a completely fictional character, even not completely invented. A toy bear, dressed like a real traveler (raincoat, road hat), was bought by Michael for his son. The son was told all sorts of funny stories that a good dad wrote about a bear. Then Michael Bond decided that if his innocent child listened with interest to the adventures and leprosy of Paddington, other children would also like to listen to them. Michael recorded some of the most successful stories and … printed a book that just sold it “with a bang.” So the next decade Bond wrote the sequel. To date, the total circulation of books about the bear Paddington has exceeded 25 million. And translations are available – in thirty languages. No, now it’s thirty-one, counting Russian.

To read the book of Michael Bond is easy and pleasant. Each small chapter is another adventure or leprosy of a bear, an illegal immigrant from the “Dense Peru”. I do not know how things are in England with other emigrants, but Michael Bond helped his hero – the Brown’s family discovered the just-arrived bear in London at Paddington Station (hence the name) and sheltered in their house. And the bear provided his benefactors, and at the same time readers, with a wide variety and vivid impressions. So in the end, all were satisfied.


The official movie Paddington 3 trailer is not for public access. It will be available closer to the release of the movie itself.


B. Whishaw as a voice of Paddington

Release Date

Paddington 3 2018 movie release date is scheduled for 2018, in the USA. Creators keep secret the information on month and day.

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