When does come out Robopocalypse movie 2018

“Robopocalypse” is a new movie by S. Spielberg. All information on the movie, including the answer to the main question: “When does Robopocalypse come out?” you will know from the topic below.


Steven Spielberg is a director of the film.

The film is based on the same name novel by Daniel H. Wilson.

When is Robopocalypse 2018 coming to theaters?

We have no information on this question.

Robopocalypse movie 2018

About the Book

Daniel Wilson’s novel “Robopocalypse” is nothing more than “World War Z”, but with Artificial Intelligence and intelligent machine revolt instead of a spontaneous and senseless invasion of zombies. Replacing the decomposing flesh on the sparkling bodies of metal mechanisms and giving everything a different purpose to work than “brains, brains”, Wilson essentially made a tracing paper from the Brooks novel. But is that so bad? If one author managed to write a thrash bestseller, then why not follow in his footsteps, a trace in the footprint?

So, the whole book is fragmentary summaries, records of security cameras, excerpts of diaries and memories of those who were at the height of the war with the big Rob in the epicenter of events. Structurally the novel is divided into parts and each of them into chapters documenting in chronological order what is happening. There is no many actors have been selected, and the war itself was not too long. Maybe that’s why the iron apocalypse was palpably lacking in scale and more thoughtfulness.

The whole things unfolded on the territory of the United States. However, the author mentions in passing that in general, this is a universal phenomenon, but what happened in other countries remained behind the scenes, in a sense, a mystery. In the book, there is only a handful of corpses of Chinese and Russian soldiers. What was their path and destiny – the readers will not know.

It is not very clear the time of “Robopocalypse”. It’s definitely not such a distant future. The entourage is recognizable, practically everything in the life of people remains as it is now, only the emphasis is put on the fact that there were home robots, rather primitive machines that perform a certain set of actions, well, the US military acquired exoskeletons and combat robes – by themselves more advanced than home, but because became more dangerous afterwards.

Everything was not bad, good, so to speak, and lively, until this very “good” did not become too much. The author’s assumption that the robots having received the freedom to act according to their own will and realized themselves alive are a suspicious thing. If you believe the written – the main sign of life is the desire to live, and in Wilson’s processing – the desire not to die.

Summarizing: the novel contains only a few things – a few (so that the reader has a choice) character-heroes that evoke sympathy, a kind of catastrophic incident that is beyond the humanity’s control, an easily visualized narrative (a pledge of an early adaptation), a couple of explosions, a few trash and sentiments.


You can watch movie Robopocalypse trailer on the YouTube. It is already available.


For a long time, humanity has been surrounded by robots. But there comes a period when humanity begins to rapidly die out. The reason for this was the accident that occurred during one scientific experiment. The day when passed the experience of artificial intelligence, which was called “Arcos”, it felt a dangerous threat to his existence. He sets himself the task of defending himself and begins by taking control of everything that is controlled by computers. This number includes elevators, cars, as well as robots. After all this, a great extermination of all mankind begins. Only a few handfuls of people succeed, luckily, to avoid destruction.


The main roles in the film are to be performed by Anne Hathaway and Chris Hemsworth.

Release Date

Robopocalypse 2018 movie release date is unknown. The movie as creators say will come in 2018, in the USA.

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