When does come out Sgt. Stubby An American movie 2018


Stubby is a great dog! Full information on dog and details on the film, you will find in the article below.


B. Bergeron is a director of the movie. He is known for “Flushed Away”, “Shark Tale”.

When is Sgt. Stubby An American 2018 coming to theaters?

The exact date is unknown.

Sgt. Stubby An American movie 2018

Dogs at War

“As the practice showed, the dog could perform a variety of functions in the conditions of modern warfare”. Below we give a short list of dog military “professions” during the War.

The training of fighting dogs was simple: their role was to exterminate enemy troops. Over the centuries, for such dogs was made armor, studded with sharp spikes or sharpened blades, collars with points and leather capes covered with a readily flammable substance. Dogs, thus turning into real combat vehicles, fled the cavalry and infantry of the enemy or brutally maimed enemy soldiers. With the development of firearms, this use of dogs has ceased. However, they did not stay without work. As soon as the German shepherd breed was bred, it immediately became a party to all recent military conflicts.

Sled dogs – about 15 thousand teams, in winter on sledges, in the summer on special carts under fire and explosions about 700 thousand seriously wounded were taken out from the battlefield, 3,500 tons of ammunition was brought to the combat units.

Dog-mine detectors – there were about 6 thousand of them, they were found out, and the leader sappers neutralized 4 million mines, land mines, and other explosives. Our four-legged mine detectors cleared Warsaw, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Berlin. The total length of military roads tested by dogs was 15,153 km.

Dogs-signalers – in a difficult combat situation, sometimes in impassable places for people delivered more than 120 thousand combat reports, to establish communication, laid 8 thousand km. of telephone wire. Sometimes even a heavily wounded dog crawled to its destination and carried out its combat mission.

Dog tank-hunters – went to the death, undermining more than 300 fascist tanks.

Sanitary dogs found heavily wounded warriors in swamps, forests, ravines and brought orderlies to them, carrying on their back bales of medicines and dressings.

Intelligence dogs accompanied scouts to the rear of the enemy for a successful passage through his advanced positions, the detection of hidden fire points, ambushes, secrets, assistance in capturing the “language”, worked quickly, clearly and silently.

The guard dogs worked in combat guard, in ambushes to detect the enemy at night and in inclement weather. These smart animals only with the tension of the leash and the turn of the trunk indicated the direction of the threatening danger.

Sgt. Stubby An American movie

Subversive dogs undermined railway trains and bridges. On the back of these dogs was fixed a detachable combat pack.

The movie is about the same dog. It named Stubby. It was the only dog which was awarded a military rank. For its services, it received medals and orders.

If you like to watch a movie about animals, you will like.


The movie Sgt. Stubby An American trailer is not for public access. It will come closer to release of the film.


H. Carter as a voice of Margaret Conroy

G. Depardieu as a voice of Gaston Baptiste

Release Date

Sgt. Stubby An American 2018 movie release date is unknown but the movie has to go out in 2018, in the USA.

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