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When does come out Shrek 5 movie 2018

Sometimes they come back: “Shrek 5” is on the way. Full information on the movie, including the answer to the main question: “When does Shrek 5 come out?” you can find on the topic below.

On the poster of the animation film “Shrek Forever”, which became the fourth part of the franchise, flaunts the inscription: “The last chapter”. However, as one famous TV broadcaster said, everyone lies. In 2014, the head of the studio DreamWorks Animation J. Katzenberg said that Shrek will have the fifth chapter.

Katzenberg also suggested that “Shrek 5” will become a prequel in the first four:

“From the very beginning it was clear that this story is final, and I think that there is a meaning in this. Eventually, we will return to Shrek, who lives in his swamp to make it clear and reveal his story.”

In an interview with Fox Business Network he said: “We wanted to give the characters a little rest. But, I think, we can already say with confidence that we are waiting for a new chapter in the series about Shrek. We did not finish it, and he with us too.”

Shrek 5  movie 2018

When is Shrek 5 2018 coming to theaters?

There is no exact information.

Calm before the Storm

Then, there was heard nothing on fifth part for a long time but now the directors of the “Trolls” Walt Dorn and Mike Mitchell (both worked on the second and fourth films about Shrek, respectively) admitted that Michael McCallers right now is working on the script for the fifth series, both producers claim, he brought to the producers a lot of good and new ideas.

45-year-old McCallers can already be considered a veteran of the American comedy. He worked for many years on the sketch show “Saturday Night Live”, as well as directed the series “Parks and recreation areas.” His main achievement in the big movie script is to the second and third pictures about Austin Powers. In addition, he staged the comedy “Oh, Mommies” with Tina Fei and Amy Poehler.

Also, Dorn and Mitchell said that both are interested in doing the direction of the fifth “Shrek”.


The movie Shrek 5 trailer is not available. It will come soon.


The first film was directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicki Jenson. Released in 2001, “Shrek” made a sensation in the world of animation, which was due to his ironic attitude to fairy-tale characters. Green ogre in the company of the blabbermouth donkey (Eddie Murphy) was forced to save the princess who turned out to be a tough nut to crack. The film grossed of 484 million dollars.

Shrek 5  movie

The sequel followed in 2004. Shrek and Fiona went on a visit to the princess’s parents and faced with their reluctance to have an ogre with a character as a son-in-law. The result is 920 million in the world box office.

“Shrek the Third”, released three years later, prepared the main character for the post of head of the kingdom (almost 780 million at the box office), and “Shrek Forever” (2010) sent ogres to an alternative reality, which grossed of 752 million.

In total, the franchise about Shrek collected 2.9 billion dollars, so the desire of the studio to continue it is quite understandable.

So far, there are no details about the continuation of the cartoon. It should be noted that in London, in 2015, opened amusement park “Shrek’s Far Far Away Adventure” where the main characters and others will lead the audience through a real adventure. DreamWorks and Merlin Entertainments are planning a total of six such attractions in different countries.

Are you waiting for the release of the fifth part of “Shrek” the same way as we? We very much hope that it will not be the last one.


  • M. Myers as voice of Shrek
  • E. Murphy as a voice of donkey

Release Date

Shrek 5 2018 movie release date is unknown but as creators assure the movie have to come out in 2018, in the USA.

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