When does come out Speedy Gonzales movie 2018

While rapidly expanding Lego Universe and growing number of animated films, Warner Bros. returns to the Looney Tunes heroes with the intention to return to the screens Fast mouse Gonzales. If you want to know information concerning the film, including the answer to the main question: “When does Speedy Gonzales come out?” you should look through the article below.


Warner Bros. started work on a feature-length film Speedy Gonzales, according to The Tracking Board. The project producer is Dylan Sellers (“Southpaw”) and E. Derbez (“Instructions Not Included”). The script writes Hank Nelken, author of “Saving Silverman” films.

The picture will be a new view on the little mouse Speedy – known from the classic Looney Tunes. For the first time, a Speedy was presented to the audience in the short film with the same name which later won “Oscar”. The main character is different because develops tremendous speed and delivers a lot of challenges to his enemy – the cat Sylvester. Also, in the film of Speedy appeared his cousin Slowpoke, and in the 60s, the enemy of Gonzales became Daffy Duck.

Speedy Gonzales movie 2018

Several years ago, the studio New Line tried to film the new animated film about Speedy but in the end, the project was on hold. Now, Warner Bros. try to return to the screens special mouse, which owns the rights to all the characters of Looney Tunes.

In the past, Speedy cartoons caused some controversy in the community because they were full of ethnic stereotypes against Mexicans. Insiders believe that the modern version by Warner Bros. would avoid it.

When is Speedy Gonzales 2018 coming to theaters?

The appearance of the movie on screen is planned for 2018. The creators do not disclose the details on movie release but we hope that the information will come soon.

Déjà vu thing

If you have the feeling of deja vu, you are not dreaming: the idea of a full-length cartoon about Gonzalez was born back in 2010 when the studio had planned to film the game film with computer graphics elements, the plot of which little mouse had to be paired with a crazy driver. However, the project with the American comedian G. Lopez, who was to voice the main character, as well as a producer, has not been implemented.

Now, the studio plans to shoot a full graphical version, where Mexican filmmaker E. Derbez will voice Speedy . The names of other members of the crew team are not known yet. Despite the racist thing, Gonzalez boasts a long history – he made his debut in the ’50s as one of the ensemble members of Looney Tunes, instantly gained glory as the main enemy of Sylvester cat. In 1955, as it was said before, he even won the “Oscar”. Will he be able to win back the gold statuette? First of all, wait for the premiere.


The movie Speedy Gonzales trailer is not available but it will come soon.


  • E. Derbez as a voice of Speedy Gonzales

In an interview with Deadline Derbez explained that in Mexico 60 Speedy was a major superhero and cult figure of S. Bolivar or of Pancho Villa. Speedy has all features of the Latin American hero: the courage, the desire to protect ordinary people, a weakness for women…

“I not only that a Mexican, I’m completely E. Derbez Gonzales, and I have very big ears. So, it is just the perfect casting.”

You will fascinate adventures of a little mouse with a lot of humor, criminal and love.

Release Date

Speedy Gonzales 2018 movie release date is scheduled for 2018, in the USA. There is no exact information on month and day.

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