When does come out Star Wars 9 movie 2019

Company Walt Disney will continue to develop the franchise “Star Wars” and after the release of the ninth episode, completing the new trilogy. According to the BBC, the head of the company Walt Disney Bob Eiger told about it.

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In January 2016, Eiger said this:

“We have planned five films, more precisely four after the seventh episode. They are at different stages of development and production, and then there will be more. I do not know how much, and I do not know how often they will go out” – he said. Note that, speaking of five film projects, Eiger was referring to numbered episodes and already announced earlier spin-offs.

At the time of this writing, the world box office of the seventh episode of «Star Wars» has come close to two billion dollars.

Star Wars 9 movie 2019


C. Trevorrow intends to film part of the scenes of the movie “Episode 9” “in nature”, that is, in real space. According to the publication The Hollywood Reporter, the director told about it within the framework of the Sundance festival.

“I sent an official request: is it possible to use IMAX cameras in space, but has not received an answer yet” – he said. Trevorrow also stressed that he intends to use tape in his work, not digital shooting systems. The director motivated this by perceiving “Star Wars” as “a historical film which events occur a long time ago.” “And at that time they did not have any video cameras. The tape allows us to return to our childhood, to restore the memory of children’s feelings from watching movies” – commented the director.

When is Star Wars episode 9 2019 coming to theaters?

The movie is planned for 2019.


It should be reminded that in January 2015, fans of the classic “Star Wars” organized the collection of signatures under a petition demanding the resignation of Trevorrow from the post of director of the ninth episode and replacing him with George Lucas. The appeal was signed by about 25 thousand people, but representatives of the studio Lucasfilm did not react to this initiative.

Creator of the film “The Jurassic World” Colin Trevorrow ​​found it necessary to comment on the petition of disappointed fans of the “Star Wars”, demanding to replace him with George Lucas as director of the ninth episode of the saga. In an interview with ET Online Trevorrow said:

“It’s funny, I saw it, and on the very day that I spoke to the management of Lucasfilm studio and talked about what we are going to add to the product of creative genius George and how we are not afraid to bring something that might seem delusional at first glance” – he said.

According to Trevorrow, at one time the ideas of George Lucas also seemed crazy to many people. “If you try to tell what the first film was about, say, to a person who has never seen this movie, then it will look like this: “In the center of the plot is a hero whose father is a half robot, and he also has magical powers. And then there’s the guy flying on the spaceship, which is connected by a strong friendship with the character like a dog. “All this sounds like a complete nightmare, but this is the most exciting story ever told. I hope that I will be able to provide the same level Ingenuity and creativity” – he added.


The official movie Star Wars episode 9 trailer is not available but in the YouTube, you can find a lot of fanmade trailers on the ninth part.


M. Hamill as Luke Skywalker

Release Date

Star Wars 9 2019 movie release date is scheduled for May 24, 2019, in the USA.

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