When does come out The Bell Jar movie 2018

The first in the Kirsten Dunst’s career film as a director is called “The Bell Jar”. In the topic below, you will find all known information on the movie, including the answer to the main question: “When does The Bell Jar come out?”


K. Dunst decided to film the autobiographical novel “The Bell Jar” by S. Plath in which the poet describes the history of severe depression and emotional breakdown of the heroine. After the publication of the novel, Plath committed suicide. It is believed that in the work of the poet, in particular, described her first suicide attempt.

Kirsten Dunst was already sitting in the director’s chair on the set of shorts “Welcome” with Winona Ryder and “Bastard”.  The script for the film was written by Dunst in co-authorship with Nelly Kim. The project also involved L. Friedman, K. Lauder, G. Little and B. Kagan. The executive producer is S. Rattray.

Why Dunst chose this difficult work is not specified. However, it is already known that D. Fanning will be the main hero of the novel.

When is The Bell Jar 2018 coming to theaters?

The movie will appear on the screen in 2018.

About the Book

The shrill, first and only, autobiographical novel by Sylvia Plath, talks about a brilliant young girl, intelligent, talented, determined, slowly plunging into the dark gloomy world of depression. About the first brilliant life victories, gradually turning into defeats, about how darkness absorbs light, about the first attempt at suicide (Plath had 3), and about the victory over the disease, about getting out of depression and returning to normal life. The novel is written very well, clearly, cleverly, brilliantly. More than 10 years after the events described, Plath, after all, committed suicide, being already the wife of the brilliant poet Ted Hughes and the mother of his two kids. Plath left behind a lot of poems, most of which did not see the light in her life.  I think that the novel, in any case, would be popular today, although it is difficult to know for sure, you can only speculate. After the suicide of Sylvia, the novel became a cult, an important part of the general cult of Sylvia Plat, which began in the 60s and still exists. But regardless of her cult, this is a strong and worthy novel on a serious and very difficult topic.


The official movie The Bell Jar trailer is not available.

Criticism of the Book

The novel received high marks from critics. Subsequently, for young readers of different decades, the book became a revelation; the novel acquired the reputation of a female analog “The Catcher in the Rye”. Both the biography and the mysterious personality of Sylvia greatly influence the perception of the novel even by critics and scholars. At the same time, critics argued that it was worth considering the novel as a serious literary work, or whether it should be attributed to fiction written by the author, whose true vocation was poetry. The novel caused less interest among scholars than Sylvia’s poetry, although some of the well-known literary critics recognized the novel as an important work of American literature. Representatives of feminist literary criticism made of the novel a kind of manifesto that criticizes and denounces the suppression of women in the 50’s.

Cast and Plot

D. Fanning (“War of the Worlds”) will play in the film Esther – a novice writer who receives as a prize the opportunity to work in a New York magazine. She has two friends – sarcastic Doreen and God-fearing “good girl” Betsy. Morally and financially, Esther, suffering from a mental illness, is supported by the famous writer Philomena Gini. The events of the book take place in the summer of 1953, at a time when the author of the novel, Sylvia Plath, tried to commit suicide.

Release Date

The Bell Jar 2018 movie release date is not known but Kirsten assures that movie have to come in 2018, in the USA.

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